Don’t Let It Get To You, Sarah.

It reminds me of the well-meaning, well-spoken, genteel elderly lady that you see in so many movies. “Oh, what a lovely young man” she says, while sipping afternoon tea. It is usually a humorous moment in the production, with her description of an escaped criminal to an investigating police officer.

I’m not comparing any of Barbara Bush’s likable people to a convict, but her comments to Larry King were certainly filled with the same sort of naïvety, especially from a political perspective.

I like George and Barbara, as I do Mitt Romney. I can’t say that I dislike Bill Clinton, regardless of his political leanings. Maybe it’s the ‘naughty-boy’ charm that he exudes. I don’t think, for one minute, that Skip will be in agreement on that point!

Back in 2008, I was disappointed that Romney was not on the ticket. Out of a pretty weak field, he seemed to me to be the best hope. Other than the blemish on his record that was Massachusetts health care (no one’s perfect), his financial track record appeared to be what was needed as the country descended into recession.

A lot has changed in two years. The GOP is now a vibrant, re-invigorated party, thanks largely to the Tea Party. My personal favorite/s for the presidency no longer includes Mitt Romney. I still like the guy, but from a practical viewpoint he is not the best the Party has to offer.

It’s blatantly obvious that these changes are either not apparent to Mrs Bush, or she feels more comfortable with the previous incarnation of the Republican Party… “Let’s all get along nicely and not rock the boat”. We witnessed what that attitude did to the party and the country. It gave us Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

It’s ironic, then, that the one person for whom she showed utter contempt is the one that, along with others, has redirected the party and brought it back from the abyss. This aspect of the Tea Party movement is “confusing” to George H.W. Bush. This re-found preference for values over establishment seems to baffle more than just the Bush family. Recent comments by Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich, both of whom have done much for the party in its former incarnation, don’t seem to ‘get it’ either.

It would be more appropriate for the old-school types to keep their disdainful (or perhaps jealous?) comments to their mutual appreciation society meetings. Sarah Palin should not worry about those that are stuck in a lackluster past. However, it is unfair and unwarranted for some self-opinionated people that did not cut the mustard to hinder the success of the new, determined breed of politician.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)