Absolute Outrage!

I am so angry and disgusted with the TSA’s depredations against the citizens of this country, it’s going to be very difficult to articulate without going into expletives.

We’re finding the words revolt and rebellion in our lexicon far more frequently than I’ve ever heard them used before… excepting perhaps in San Francisco’s looney-tune Haight-Ashbury hay-days, and around ‘underground’ (albeit highly promoted) meetings of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society, a soviet-sponsored communist front group) around my own and other college campuses during the 60s and 70s, from which sprang, amongst others, those sterling individuals Bernadine Dorn, Bill Ayers and the other murderers of the Weather Underground.

The difference between then and now is that the very same nuts who had little or no understanding of the forces driving them then are the same ones who are destroying our country and our livelihoods now. They can be seen in and around major colleges and universities to this day. The usual liberal (communist) pinched faces, they’re easy to spot, just look for the gray-haired, pony-tailed and Birkenstocked creeps who would dictate to you and I how we should live. Very few of these people has ever had the experience of running anything except their mouths… which seem to be early experimentation on perpetual motion.

I’ve said before and I’ll reiterate, the best and brightest did not enter our colleges and universities during the Vietnam era. The best we had went to fight in South East Asia, where close to 60,000 gave their last full measure of devotion. Our government is now overrun with the product of those leftist schools and professors.

We have just come through the most momentous election cycle in modern American history. It is a game changer for sure and the commie rats know it.

The TSA is but an extension of the totalitarian dreams the left has harbored and worked so diligently to bring to fruition. This isn’t about safety or security. It’s about control. They may be able to BS the illegals or the welfare-dependent constituency birthed from Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society’, but it didn’t fly with the rest of us.

Judging by comments and articles from around the nation there is another layer being added to the already growing rebellion across this land. Watching and hearing the screams of that three year old girl being molested by some TSA goon was enough to send me directly into orbit.

My first thought was where is that child’s father? As it turned out he was more interested in a cheap by-line for his television station than protecting his child. Come to think of it… why was her mother standing passively by, holding the baby while that sub-moron toyed with her genitals?

I’ve got some real problems with the testicular fortitude of some of our supposed ‘men’. I have a daughter. I double damn guarantee you that neither her mother nor myself would have passively stood for any of this, regardless of the consequence.

The TSA hides behind ‘security’ and ‘safety’ while they molest nuns and little kids. But, oh no! Give them an obvious Middle Eastern type and they cower and wave them through. I’ve seen it happen as have thousands of other Americans.


Charles Krauthammer wrote a superb article on this subject last week. I didn’t get it until today as I’ve been tied up on a major emergency project at one of those self same universities I described earlier in the article.

The Conservative Republican revolution is a fact now. Not even the dumbest lefty… well almost the dumbest, after all there is Barbara Boxer to consider… realizes that they have been, not partially repudiated, but completely and totally rejected by the American people.

Revolt? You betcha there’s a revolt. The TSA and its goons are on the short list with other government goon squads, and let us not forget the government-sponsored unions while we’re at it. We’re coming for you, we will defeat you at the ballot box and in the halls of government where you hide. You will not break the American people. We cannot be conquered by you or anyone else.

It’s simple really… touch my child, molest my woman and I’ll take your head off.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010