Stones, Bricks And Number Six.

Earlier this week, I caught a part of Glenn Beck’s program. My hectic schedule prevented me from taking the time to watch in detail, but I got the general gist of it. Glenn’s guest was Rabbi Daniel Lapin, well-known to many conservatives in the San Francisco Bay Area for his weekly radio program on the wonderful KSFO (Sunday, 1pm – 4pm Pacific).

Some of the points they raised could be regarded as pure coincidence, such as the striking resemblance of the Tower of Babel to the new European Union building, or the EU motto “Many tongues, one family”. However, I’m not a great believer in coincidence. Recurring similarities usually warrant further investigation. Is it coincidence that nearly all terrorist attacks are conducted by muslims, or that all socialist states have failed? I don’t want to turn this article into a full re-cap of the program, so the link to the full transcript on the FNC site is here for you to read.

The crux of the program revolved around the fact that the Tower of Babel was built of bricks… identical, totally interchangeable and devoid of uniqueness. I have heard many analogies for the structure of the socialist society, but this is probably one of the best. A hierarchy (replace the King with a socialist government) and a population of molded, identical, brainwashed citizens.

The rights of the individual are becoming increasingly endangered. The current behavior of the TSA is testament to that. Procedures that would have disgusted us as members of the free world, had they occurred in nazi Germany or a communist state, are now commonplace at airports across the country. How much further can they go to destroy the sanctity of the individual? Which brings me to some very relevant television from the 1960s.

‘The Prisoner’ was a series about a British agent who resigned (we assume on a point of conscience) and is quickly abducted and relocated to ‘The Village’, a benign-looking community where the inhabitants are known by numbers. During those Cold War years, we quickly believe that it is either a camp for security risks or an interrogation center operated by the enemy. As the series progresses, we see a far deeper message unfolding.

Citizens with no names, the standard salutation on parting company “Be seeing you” (accompanied by a finger-and-thumb circular gesture from the eye), which is a reminder that cameras are everywhere (possibly an appropriate greeting for the TSA?), and the overriding concern of the town’s appointed supervisor (appointed by whom is left to speculation) to make the individualistic Number Six conform… these are all factors that have more relevance today than they did forty years ago.

It transpires that it is not a tale of East versus West, but of the individual against the state. A community comprised of bricks, each one numbered and never questioning… except for the stone-like Number Six (“I’m not a number, I’m a free man!”).

This isn’t a personal nostalgia trip into the television archives. This is a warning that we are at that very point where we give up all rights as individuals. When that series was made some forty years ago, how many of you (if born) would have believed that the modern day activities of the TSA could ever happen in America? Or that terrorists could be given financial compensation by the taxpayer?

For some, the brainwashed lefties, it is too late. Their individuality and free thought has been erased permanently. Unless we stop this madness now, your children will suffer the same fate. The Constitution and the principles of individual liberty and freedom under God must replace the Marxist teachings, historical revisionism and fake climate science that infest the classrooms. We must watch the activities of the Soroses of this world closely and fight every little move towards their new world order.

Whether it be implemented through hard-line socialism or soft-shoe communitarianism, question any change and how it affects your God-given Rights. Would you rather be a brick or a stone?

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)