Barack Obama – Post Partisan? Purgamentum Init, Exit Purgamentum.

Due to other work commitments we have been unable to produce an article today. The article that follows was written by Skip on December 24, 2009. It includes a very accurate prediction!

The Latin word for truth is veritas. It’s something with which Mr Post Partisan has very little intercourse with. There was the truth and it knew him not. A lot of people who should have known better allowed this political relative newcomer to overshadow their usually reliable common sense, so there are plenty of people out there to share the ‘Duh! factor’.

We also saw the hardcore leftist ideology of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid coming down the pike. Still reeling and half in disbelief of what they had allowed to befall themselves through the Republican ‘leadership’, if you can call it that. Still, they thought they had a stake in the game, deluding themselves and us in the process. Laughable given the circumstances.

None of us Conservatives out here have forgotten a single moment of the Bush years. We watched in horror as the Republicrats tried to out-liberal those who were expert at it, and accommodate themselves into losing on issue after issue. Very reminiscent of Barry Hussein’s feckless groveling to his middle-eastern brethren, only to come away with nothing and the DeMarxists getting everything they wanted to start with. Ergo: Bush/Kennedy and that execrecable education bill for example.

We watched Republican after Republican sounding and acting exactly like their counterparts across the aisle, blithely ignoring the mutterings, increasingly vocal and louder protestations of their constituents. The disgust of the Conservative base and the abandonment of the independents who had supported them, walking away in disenchantment, set the stage for the Democratic sweep to power in 2006, also setting the stage for 2008 as the thoroughly appalled base abandoned an increasingly out-of-touch and weak party leadership.

This persisted through the 2008 presidential campaign with the selection of what turned out to be our ‘Bob Dole’, Sen John McCain, who actually never had a marshmallow’s chance in hell of being elected. In fact, the sole product of that campaign being the ‘discovery’ and emergence of one who will be the Conservative Republican Party’s superstar, Sarah Palin… which is why they assault her the way they do… they see what I see… a bright, articulate, conservative woman ‘who gets it’ and connects on every level with the American voter.

This is all well and good, you say? What does all this have to do with the truth and Barack Obama, his administration and the DeMarxist majority in Congress? Politicians lie. Unfortunate though it may be, we’ve come to expect a certain amount of it.

This bunch have taken it to a whole new level and language of lies and deceit. Barack Obama lies through his eyeteeth every time he opens his mouth. So do Pelosi, Reid and every single member of both chambers beholden to this bunch of thieves. They lie, cheat and steal on a grand scale that not even Joseph Goebbels would recognize… and he wrote the book on it.

The unforeseen consequence of this has been the resurgence of the American Patriot… genuine grassroots constitutional patriotism not seen since the days of the ‘greatest generation’. It is a tidal wave which shall sweep these criminally responsible politicians from the American scene in 2010… and correct a historical mistake in 2012.

Keep your faith in your Conservative ideals and the Constitution of this great country. These people are scared and they are about to become even more frightened.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009