Hey, Napolitano. Hands Off Our Junk!

Janet Napolitano took a jolt of testosterone and ‘stood up’ to the incipient rebellion of American citizens, who have had it up to their eyeballs by the vast overreach of the federal government today.

The DeMarxists and their unions, in their zeal to obtain absolute control over everything, have finally gotten around to our scrotums and vaginas. Of course, Janet, taking manly control of the situation, has chided the American people for daring to object to the Obama Transportation Safety Administration’s high-handed tactics.

American Patriots, now that we have the rats in the administration and in Congress either on the run or shedding trails of rat pellets getting ready to run, are getting around to the promises we made to the DeMarxists all along during the last two years. Inquiries, people! Investigations, committees and subpoenas under oath. Say, for instance… oh, I don’t know… an audit of the Fed?!

Or here’s one that should send Barney (the banking queen) Frank screaming for the exits… an audit of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. An investigation into TARP is also on the way. Inquiries into the Democrats interference with border control and illegal immigration are sure to be demanded by the American people… to the extent such inquiries roll over and engulf some of our ‘moderates’ and RINOs. Oh well, you sure picked the wrong bunch to hang out with.

By the way, we see Dick Army supposedly emerging as a ‘leader’ of the Patriots? Don’t make me laugh. Whatever Army is, Conservative isn’t one of them. Go home, Dick.

While we’re at it, we may just as well start the fight to break the back of the public service unions. That’s a battle that has been deferred almost to the destruction of the country.

Yeah, Napolitano, we’re mad. We’re still here and we’re coming after your cozy little sinecure next. What the left still hasn’t figured out is that we, the American Patriot Movement, are beholden to no one. It’s driving them crazy, which is also just fine by us. There was a famous British Naval toast (when Britain still had a Navy). It went, ‘Confusion to the enemy’.
Happy rebellion, Janet.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010