A State Of Rebellion…

…exists in America today, and I don’t think either side of the political spectrum has really registered it yet. Oh, they’re giving plenty of lip service… until they think we’re no longer paying attention, as in the past.

The exception would, of course, be those who started the startling march of events that just culminated in the largest paradigm shift in modern American political history. That would be us folks… you and I… and about fifty or sixty million or so of our closest friends.

With the exception of the west coast waste land that is California, which is a subject for another time, the American people spoke in no uncertain terms. As many as sixty five House seats have been turned over to not the GOP… though they are certainly scrambling to co-opt as many of the new Representatives as possible. The establishment GOP is aiming to twist the impressionable minds of the incoming lawmakers through the supposed right wing ‘Claremont Institute’. There’s only one problem with that. With rare exception, all of these new Representatives know just exactly how and why they got there.

The Tea Party Patriots have given them their marching orders and we are watching very carefully. They know we sent them to Washington for one reason and one reason only… to bring Constitutional sanity to America and defeat the enemies of this country, which have infested the White House and the halls of Congress for far, far too long.

The rebellion extends far beyond the mere excising of the suppurating disease that is liberalism. America spoke. If you want to see the wave of the future… there are more Republican Governors than any time since 1996… there are 800 new Conservative Republican (read Tea-Party) State legislators.

We’re positioning ourselves for the next battles which are just down the road. Everywhere in the nation, Conservatives are running in local races, making themselves heard in city councils as well as local school districts. Even here, in benighted California, Conservatism is beginning to make inroads, uphill battle though it may be. If the California elections showed us anything, it was that running as a moderate will virtually guarantee defeat… Hear that, California Republican Committee?

Maybe it’s time for a leadership change there too. Wasn’t that the bunch that brought us Arnold? Carly and Meg were both fine people. Just the wrong people in the wrong races in the wrong state. Conservatism works. It works every time a clear, articulate Conservative message is presented, which was just exactly what we did not get here in California.

It’s a brave new world out there, though not one to the Marxists’ liking.
Which makes it just fine by me. Up the rebellion!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010