It’s Like This…

Some of you may have been scratching your heads wondering why you couldn’t find the article for yesterday. Quick answer… there wasn’t one. There was an unusual convergence of circumstances that: (a) prevented me from writing it; and (b) prevented Dee from covering for me.

I’ve stated that doing a daily column isn’t as easy as it looks. That has nothing to do with the length of the article either. I really admire guys like Charles Krauthammer, from whom ideas and words just seem to flow effortlessly. For myself, sometimes the words just don’t want to come, and it’s like pulling each one out with a pair of pliers. Other times, I’m surprised when it all just drops into place easily.

I’ve mentioned before that I work in an industry that provides around the clock services for various types of emergencies. Last night was such a time. As I noted, Dee would normally pick up the slack. Aside from all her other sterling attributes, she also just happens to be an excellent writer. Like me, she also has a full time career, aside from being the editor and webmistress for this column.

Her department is supposed to be staffed by six to eight people. Due to all the various and sundry things that can go south in any business, she was faced with doing the work of several people herself. Heck, she does the work of a couple of people just running this site and editing the columns. She also handles security for the site vetting for instance, requests for endorsement or advertising, and fending off the occasional nutcase. Cyberspace being what it is, none of us can afford to be too careful.

We’re read on a bunch of different venues, but if you’d like a look at our main site you’ll see what I mean… skipmaclure.us will take you there. For instance, you can read and download our country’s Founding Documents there. There is also a nifty free toolbar you can download and install. It’s safe, we’ve checked it out. The ‘Skip MacLure’ toolbar has some great features. Then there are our own TV channels where you can see some really classic stuff. We also feature a free Conservative TV network as well.

Though this may sound like a promotion, it’s really not. People who hear about us and want to read us seem to find us easily enough.
I’ve promised myself an Obama-less day for a long time. Looks like I finally got it (grins).

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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