Thanks to Dee for standing in for me while I was nursing a nasty cold. Her article from yesterday was insightful and very much on point. Once Great, Britain has been completely decimated by European socialism, in all its ugly manifestations. It is, however, an instructive window into the path ahead for America, if we don’t listen to the voice of the American people.

God, in His wisdom, has given us this one chance to set this country on the path away from the Marxi-Socialist disaster, which has been perpetrated by a Marxist Congressional majority under the leadership of the Obama Red House (read communist). Dee brought up the ‘puppet master’ in her article. George Soros has been pulling far more than Obama’s strings.

The New Conservative leadership has an immense task ahead. We know the path forward, difficult though it may appear. It’s easy to say we stand for smaller government, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, strong national security, a sane monetary policy and a fundamental change in the way we identify and deal with the enemies of this country.

The politics and tactics of the left have been exposed for what they are. These people are anti-American and anti-freedom to their core. Lies and deceit are their stock in trade. Our elections are going to have one major implication that the left would just as soon you didn’t know anything about and have attempted to obfuscate.

The real ramifications, and very likely the most far-reaching of this massive repudiation of the left in all of its manifestations, is that this is the year of Congressional redistricting. This will have strong positives for Conservative Republicans for decades and perhaps generations.

In addition, one other fact that the left would as soon prefer you ignore is that aside from the overwhelming victory we experienced in taking over the House, we may gain as many as 30 more seats in 2012 through redistricting. Wouldn’t that be a great pie to set before His Majesty the Emperor, whose nakedness has been exposed by the Patriots of America?

Remember, this isn’t even the end of the beginning… this is a fight to the finish for the life of our nation.
Be there!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010