All The King’s Horsemen.

We are witnessing a sea change in American politics. The DeMarxists are rambling away exactly like nothing at all has happened. They have parsed out the few slim victories they were able to garner, attempting to smoke-screen everything in sight to see if they can fool the boobs just one more time. That it isn’t working is apparent to everyone but them.

They simply can’t wrap their truncated minds around the very real ramifications coming down the pike like a runaway locomotive. You can take this to the bank. The left has been defeated in America. The vast majority of American citizens detest liberalism in all its manifestations, and the recent election has put an exclamation to that point.

Obama’s failures are legion. The depredations that have darned near destroyed this country have Marxist written all over them. The New Conservative Congress means business and that business is ours, the American people’s… yours and mine.

The DeMarxists in the lame-duck Congress are as usual crawling around in the slime, attempting to preempt once again the will of the people, in some cases being aided by the now largely irrelevant establishment Repubics, whose only claim to fame is that they cave at every opportunity and are at present working hard behind the scenes to co-opt or destroy the American Patriot movement. Well, it’s long past time that the rubber hit the road. We’ll go head to head with them anytime and they will lose.

They are welcome to try. We know who they are and with rare exception we know we have the power to pull them down… and we will. I, and my Conservative compatriots who have been in this fight from the beginning, know this.

You cannot defeat us. We are coming after you whether DeMarxist, establishment RINO or “old guard” Republicrat.
As we used to say in the Marine Corps, ‘Standby… targets!’

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010