The Tsunami Strikes.

We’re just now starting to get some input from some of the western races. I don’t know if we won the Senate or not, but what is apparent is that the socialist domination of our Congress has come to an end.

Ron Johnson unseats four-term incumbent Senator Russ Feingold in Wisconsin. We were pleased to endorse Ron during the primaries. Congratulations, Ron!

For us Patriots, this event is the culmination of well over two years of painstaking grass roots organization and telling freedom’s story to the nation. Tonight is going to be a stunning victory, the pundits are claiming sixty plus House seats.

Dee just told me that she listened to John Boehner’s speech and found it full of strength, conviction and emotion. Dee’s a pretty sharp judge of personalities so I feel good about Boehner. He’s already laid out the task ahead and has embarked on the long road back to a free Constitutional Republic.

If any of you had it in mind to take a little vacation from this very real war we are fighting for the heart and soul of America, you can forget it. We have not only the remnants of Obama’s machine to deal with… there were enough DeMarxists who were spared the scourge of the voters’ lash to foster the evil schemes and dreams of their masters. This is another battle we’ll fight. We have to cauterize the infection of leftist socialism wherever and whenever it appears.

It’s unfortunate that the first real battle that will be fought will be the Patriot Movement in direct opposition of the Establishment Repubics, as Mark Levin would call them. We mentioned Karl Rove, then there’s Trent Lott who’s running around like somebody still thinks he’s relevant. Lindsey Grahamnesty is another one who’s toast come his next election cycle. There are others, but these people must be marginalized so that they can not influence party nominations.

It’s going to be comical watching the Republican establishment try to co-opt the movement. They’re going to find out that we don’t take orders very well. We have our own marching orders… and they are all about smaller, fiscally responsible government, responsible to those they serve. They are about the Constitution, the economy, jobs and our national security.

No, I’m afraid they’re not going to like the patriots at all. We didn’t come to Washington to compromise. We came to crush DeMarxists, not make nice with them.
Tomorrow the real work starts. Enjoy the moment.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010