Meg, Use The Force.

Methinks the lady may be listening to her ‘political advisers’ and not the little voice within… the same skills she used in building eBay to the internet star that it is.

Californians understood and agreed when she told us how important small business and creative start-ups are to the growth of the state and the nation, and how runaway taxation and regulation is forcing businesses away from California. We agreed when she said that the state had to be brought to fiscal sanity.

Then, about a week ago, we started to see ads in which Meg appears to be saying that the state can’t be run like a business. C’mon, Meg! What the heck…?! You’d better fire those clowns and go with your gut feelings, your instincts… use the ‘force’, Meg.

This state’s economy went south starting with that prodigy of leftist goofball politics, Jerry Brown. Grey Davis then came to haunt us, and finally Arnold SchwartzenKennedy-Shriver to deliver the coup de grace to an already crippled state economy.

BB (before Brown) California was the largest business in the world, with a state government that was in partnership with business in world trade and a business model that was the envy of the world.

Under successive far left liberal governments in Sacramento we’ve experienced wave after wave of business and personal taxation, under the thin guise of fees paid to state and municipal governments. Fees, that were they examined in the light of the Constitution, would be found to be illegal. Much of what has transpired in our state houses and in our Federal government has had little enough to do with regard to the Constitution.

This state is a business… it’s a failing business… a badly failing business, and what’s needed is what would be asked of any executive coming in and being asked to rescue a distressed firm. Analyze strengths and weaknesses, cut unnecessary expenses, cut back on non-critical personnel, re-negotiate new labor contracts and re-establish the brand of the company… in our case, that’s the state.

You have to prove to the nation and the world that California once again fosters business and welcomes investment with business-friendly environments.
Meg, stick to fundamentals and forget the phony side-show guys.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010