Shout It Out!

I remember a time not too long ago when Conservatives, especially in places like the San Francisco Bay Area, kept a pretty low profile. The ultra politically correct makeup of many businesses here can be an adventure for the bold, or a minefield for the unwary and timid.

San Francisco Tea Party, August 2009.

Don’t get me wrong. There are an awful lot of Conservative folks in the Bay Area, but for a lot of years, under the unremitting lash of the strident ultra-leftist activism here, many Conservative Patriots chose not to call attention to themselves.

As I noticed in college, some of my ‘macho’ veteran buddies just caved in and followed along with the anti-American theme running through my school and virtually every American college or university. Those of us that stood for America and were outspoken patriots were reviled, jeered at and sometimes spat upon… by the enlightened leftist thuglets in training.

There were times when our patience exhausted and we took appropriate action. But most of the time we just focused on our schooling and let the bleating of the ‘intellectual academic class’ recede into the white noise it was.

It’s been one of the great privileges of my lifetime, witnessing the first blossoming of the now Great American Patriot Movement, being able to participate in, and report on, this historic shift away from all things leftist. The ‘New American Revolution’ is here.

It’s been a visceral reaction of the entire body politic of America. We reached out and felt the immense evil of Barack Obama’s White House, the DeMarxist Congress and the slavish toadying of the lame stream press. We ought to start calling it the washed up press, because that’s exactly what happened… the American people went to the burgeoning ‘New Media’ with which this column is proud to claim membership. The people liked what we said because we told the truth… and the truth was apparent to them.

It was the beginning of the awakening of the American people. It’s like the guy who gets hammered and is groggily trying to get it together. Eventually, his head is going to clear. America has been doing a whole lot of learning in the process of the giant being aroused. We probably have a better educated and better informed electorate than any of my memory.

This is what will be the ultimate defeat of the Marxists who wish to rule our lives; these elitist academics who have never held a job nor had to meet a payroll. They have created nothing.
The voice of the American people is going to be heard all over the world next Tuesday, November 2.
Be sure you’re there!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010