Why The Divisive Democrats Must Go.

This will be my last article before the mid-term elections, only six days away now. Skip and I have swapped days due to our work commitments and he will be writing Saturday’s article. While mentioning ‘the great eagle of the blogosphere’, he has stated that these elections could possibly be the most important… ever. I concur with this viewpoint and recent campaign events have further underlined this fact.

The 111th Congress has been one of the most unpopular, if not the most despised, in history. A recent Harris poll gives them an approval rating of 11%, hardly a good position for incumbents at election time. Their public approval has followed a consistent downward path, accentuated every time they instigate or enact some measure that is both intrinsically alien and unacceptable to the majority of the populace.

Eighty per cent of Americans identify as conservative or centrist. It’s not surprising that the attempts of the President and Congress to impose heavy-duty government control and regulation, à la European Union, is not well-received. This is not the EU, where the public has been molded to accept the nanny-state attitude where ‘government knows what’s best for you’.

The attempts to create a socialism-based country in the face of overwhelming opposition by the people serves to prove one undeniable fact. Obama and his followers (not to mention his Marxist mentors) are only concerned with the fruition of their ideologies. To them, the collapse of the American economy, increased unemployment and the removal of individual freedoms are a small price to pay for the realization of their dreams.

The reaction by Obama, a result of mounting pressure on the Democrats in the closing days of the campaign, are reinforcing this theory in the most hideous of ways. Historically, one of the strategies of all dictatorships is purposeful divisiveness… the promise of reward (often not fulfilled) to supporters and the demonization of opponents.

Obama has never accepted any responsibility for failure. From day one he blamed the legacy of George Bush and the effects of the last Republican-controlled Congress, a whole four years ago. After the lampooning of opposition politicians he shifted his focus to conservative media. His fixation with Fox News could only be described as an obsession… not a good thing for a supposed national leader.

By the time of the mid-term elections, he has a hit-list of ‘enemies of the state’… Republicans, Conservatives, the Tea Parties, all conservative media, man-made global warming skeptics (especially if they are highly qualified on the subject), anyone who attempts to uphold immigration laws… well, need I go on further? Not only are these folks mentioned in his auto-cued ramblings, they are usually the targets of the obligatory false accusations, name-calling and, as in the case of Arizona, legal action.

This week, Obama made an astounding comment to Latinos, urging them to, quote, “punish our enemies”. He was, of course, referring to every person who does not vote Democrat. With his continued alienation of Americans, Obama and company are left with the support of socialists, a large percentage of the black electorate (perhaps less after the NPR incident) and a smaller than anticipated number of Hispanic voters. He can take solace in the fact that he may have the support of many dead voters and illegal aliens, plus some hinky electoral procedures!

A president who regards the majority of his people as enemies, while avoiding the use of the word to describe those that would see the destruction of the United States of America, can not be allowed to continue in office. Yes, this probably is the most important election of modern times. We must re-take Congress next week, en route to replacing Obama with a president who puts the American people first, above all else.
We are not going to “sit in the back”. From next week, we will be in the driver’s seat!

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)