Congratulations San Francisco Giants, 2010 National League Champions.

Sorry, folks. Couldn’t help myself. This column, or at least half of it, originates in the greater SF Bay Area. This team is peaking at just the perfect time. We wish the Giants good fortune in the World Series this week. I hope this doesn’t cost me my American League readers (grin).

Giants closer Brian Wilson.

I’m minded of the similarity of the last-stretch drive of the Patriots of this country to the election, and the Giants’ final run to the World Series. It’s been a story of the Patriot drive to wrest this great nation from impending destruction at the hands of ideologically driven socialists.

Leftist pundits and politicians have been predicting the demise of the Tea Party and Patriot movement practically from the moment that Rick Santelli coined the phrase. Many loosely organized groups of friends and neighbors predated Rick, but it turned out to be the clarion call that went from coast to coast in days, as Americans voiced alarm and anger over a totally unresponsive rogue, runaway government. Every time they said we were finished we grew exponentially. Now they are looking at a nationwide patriot movement numbering a couple of million voters… and counting. People are still flooding to the Conservative banner.

The left doesn’t understand freedom. It’s no more complicated than that. There is some basic personality flaw that must affect all liberals equally. They are the most hateful, miserable creatures alive. Always blaming or looking to blame. Always complaining even when there is no cause for complaint. Slavishly subservient to the secular god of government. Government is liberalism’s be-all and end-all. It’s their shining palace on the hill and their highest aspiration.

I’m positive that Barack Obama never anticipated the spontaneous uprising of American patriotism that he and his Marxist buddies encountered. Barack Obama never bonded with this or any country. As a kid he was knocked from pillar to post, as my grandmother would have said. He never put down roots. His family was liberal and had anti-American feelings. His mentor was a communist party operative who bathed him in the communist doctrine. All of his associations are anti-American and many are Marxists or, like Frank Marshall Davis, an out-and-out communist.

Is it any wonder that Obama just does not get it where freedom is concerned?
That’s what is going to defeat him. That’s what is going to defeat his party on November 2.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010