NPR / PBS – The Ugly Reality Of Liberalism On Display.

I’ve never liked national public radio and television. In the early days, when ‘public’ programming was mostly locally controlled, PBS used to be sort of fun. They actually addressed both sides of mostly local issues.

As the National Public Radio and Television networks came on line there was a noticeable leftward shift in programming… I noticed it especially around college broadcasting. However, the national network programs also fostered a definite liberal agenda, with short shrift for opposing opinions.

All of PBS is sucking, at least partially, at the public trough. I’ve heard figures of anywhere from 2 to 7 percent. I suspect the latter, only because succeeding governments have never been shy about pumping money into liberal causes. Their donor lists are a who’s who of very wealthy leftist foundations, all pumping money into them to support the leftist-socialist agenda.

PBS and NPR gradually swung farther and farther left, to the point that the ultra politically correct atmosphere was effectively stifling any opinions not falling within the rigid framework of their narrow ideology.

PBS and NPR have always been liberalism’s happy face to the nation. What they did to one of their own this week has torn the dressing off of an open and suppurating wound. It doesn’t smell very good either. What NPR did to Juan Williams was a classic example of how quickly and how viciously the left turns and devours any of those whom it deems to have left the fold. The message is clear. Violate the orthodoxy that is socialist political correctness and you will be cast out. Speak the truth and be scourged in the furnace of the left’s agitation propaganda machine and be destroyed.

It’s possible that NPR may not have picked the best time in the century to make not only a broadcasting martyr out of Juan Williams, but a political one as well. They may have done more damage to their (Obama’s) cause than they realize. Americans, both Democrat and Conservative, don’t like what was done to Juan.

Juan Williams is, by report and by my own observation over an extended period of time, an honest liberal who loves and respects his country. He is a liberal and by definition wrong, but Juan would always be fair and at least acknowledge the conservative argument.

What greater contrast could there be between the left and the right? Between the darkness of socialistic mind control and free people in a free and open society. No, I don’t think this massive display of PC excess has done them or their cause any good.

The mindset of the American people at this time, ten days before the election, is somewhere far south of ugly. As a matter of fact, I’ve been hearing the term ‘voter rage’ recently… Rage is a good way to put it.
Let’s focus that rage on the ones for whom it is intended and work hard for ten days to put this thing away.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010