Mea Culpa (Sort Of).

My article of Monday the 18th of October created a bit of a tempest. I’ve never had an article pulled on a Conservative site before. I’ve been tossed off of a couple of hard lefty sites, but that’s usually just funny.

I used to do a daily column on a really hard lefty site… I was astounded that they would publish my Conservative views. We were on there for about six months before someone on their editorial board came up for air long enough to realize that they were featuring a conservative op-ed every day, when they dropped us. We’ve been accidentally picked up by the Huffington Post once or twice too, that’s pretty hilarious.

The incident on Monday occurred on a site belonging to a writer and patriot I admire. One of his editorial staff took umbrage at my endorsement of a write-in candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Ok, I think I get the idea. We support and elect a liberal RINO Republican to keep from inviting Jerry Brown light into the state political arena, Gavin Newsom.

Fresh from destroying San Francisco, much the same way Jerry Brown destroyed Oakland as Mayor there, Newsom really wants to be Lieutenant Governor. He’d really love to have all those lovely Sacramento dollars to play with. There’s no situation out there that Newsom can’t make worse.

Yes, I agree. Newsom should never be allowed anywhere near Sacramento. But that doesn’t change a darn thing about what I think about Abel Maldonado. Meg had better be keeping a close eye on Mr. Maldonado should she be elected, as I feel confident she will be.

It doesn’t change a thing about the California or the National Republican Parties continually fostering candidates that may be able to garner a few marginal votes, but who turn against the party and against the people they are sworn to serve at the first opportunity. Gee, doesn’t that sound just like Abe? Let’s ask good ol’ Abe what his stand on illegal immigration is.

RINOs and other linguine-spined elitist Republicans are hell bent on taking charge of and co-opting the American Patriot Movement. These same establishment types are more trouble than they are worth. Today we have that political accommodation artist extraordinaire, Mitch McConnell, promising to find ways to co-operate with that monster in the White House. Hey, Mitch!! What is it you don’t get about the largest national movement that any of us has ever seen? We don’t want you to accommodate and make deals, period.

There are also, unfortunately, many not necessarily RINO Republicans who cave in to pressure by their peers on both sides of the aisles. These may be really nice folks, but they are not doing the job we sent them to do. We will remove them from office.

We do not wish to co-operate with Marxists or their surrogates. We intend to to defeat them and you, if you stand in the way of our saving this country and bringing it back under the Constitution.
Be warned.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010