Toeing The Line.

In an article I wrote for Skip’s column on September 18 (read here), I challenged Charles Krauthammer’s comments regarding the election of Christine O’Donnell, an act which he, along with many others, believed would give Delaware to the Democrats on a plate. It was one of the rare occasions that I found myself disagreeing with this writer, who I admire greatly.

In the same article, I covered the decision by Lisa Murkowski to run as a write-in candidate, following her primary defeat to Tea Party endorsed Joe Miller, and finished the column with the views of Jim DeMint, whose principles I strongly agree with.

The reason that I recap this particular article is that it seems so relevant to an event earlier this week, when a piece written by Skip was pulled from a very well-known Conservative website. One of the readers had taken umbrage that anyone could suggest the endorsement of a truly Conservative write-in candidate (not Murkowski, incidentally), an act which could endanger the chances of the far more liberal Republican nominee due to a split vote, and lead to the victory of the Democrat. The reader duly pointed this out to a site editor and the piece was removed.

The reason for this action was explained to Skip by the said editor, the logic of which is unassailable. I did find something amusing in his comments, which stated “When you’re the managing editor of this site you can get away with stuff like this. Not before.” I wondered whether this was a dig at the managing editor, and founder of the site, who recently declared his intention to vote for a Democrat whose policies are more conservative than the rival Republican.

Well, they are welcome to their in-house bickering. As for the job offer… neither of us would want to lose our freedom of speech in favor of marching in lockstep to a party. That’s Democrat tactics. It is ironic that a Conservative website should censor Conservative statements, for the benefit of a RINO. I guess the First Amendment, the Constitution and all honor goes south at election time.

This little, somewhat inconsequential, incident could underline a problem that we have to face. How many of our personal beliefs and values do we, or should we, have to sacrifice for the good of the Republican Party? The answer should be none, or very few. Ahh… in an ideal world!

It is all very well to blame the Tea Party, Conservative bloggers or the electorate for the prospect of lost Republican chances, but the reason has to be traced back to source. While the candidate appointment committees, including the NRSC, fail to promote real Conservatives this problem will not go away.

Conservatives and, I believe, the majority of Republican supporters have had enough of being fed liberals under the guise of the GOP. Is it not preferable to elect a Conservative Independent than a RINO? Remember, it’s voting on bills in Congress that matters most. The Republican Party must stop forcing conservative voters to confront and question their own beliefs… voting for the GOP candidate should be automatic, with no hesitation or feeling that ‘he/she is slightly better than the Democrat’.

I’ll end with the same line as my article of September 18, a quote from Jim DeMint: “Frankly, I’m at a point where I’d rather lose fighting for the right cause then win fighting for the wrong cause”.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)