Shades Of A Bond Thriller.

It’s pretty incredible stuff, more so as hard information coming out of Iran is so fragmented and sketchy. I’m speaking, of course, of the ‘accidental’ explosion at the Imam Ali base, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s arms and ammunition depot at a ‘secret’ facility, which had extensive underground storage and launching facilities for the Shahab-3 long-range missile.

Satellite imagery of the area around Imam Ali base.

In fact, practically all of Iran’s inventory of the Shahab-3 was reportedly destroyed when (as the Iranians spun it) a fire got out of control at the base. Other Iranians blamed the Kurds. Kurds?! It must have been one hell of a raid. Just think about it… hundreds of miles through the mountains and desert to attack one of Iran’s most carefully secured military bases. Sure! Tough dudes, those Kurds.

That Israel has been able to penetrate Syrian air space, pretty much at will, is no secret. As far back as Sept. 5, 2007, Israeli fighter-bombers attacked a Syrian nuclear site at the village of Tal Abyadh, destroying it totally. The Israelis returned to base unscathed. The IAF has made numerous incursions into Syria, testing its air defense capability… now more important than ever, especially in view of Russian and Chinese technology being introduced into the theater.

The worm, that wonderful burrowing worm, is still raising hell with Iranian technology. The creators of that worm really attached some legs to that thing, ’cause it’s still runnin’.

The ‘Kurds’ presumably started the fire that ‘somehow’ penetrated a secure launch and storage facility a hundred or so feet below the ground, buried in bedrock and built with reinforced concrete. There were reports of three separate explosions on three levels(?)… that part is unclear. What is clear is that this missile base won’t be launching anything at Israel anytime soon. This sounds like a raid, and it’s got Israeli written all over it. As our friend Drudge would say… developing. While you’re at it, don’t forget the mysterious missiles that struck the Bushehr reactor building. We were told that they were ‘testing’ the plant’s security. Right!

I’m out of the business of predicting when Israel is going to go after Iran. You know, the Israelis know, and I know that, sure as sunrise, they’re going to have to go, probably sooner rather than later. They can’t expect any help from Imam (thanks, Rush) Obama in Washington. Maybe they’re counting on a more friendly Congress come November, that will be able to counter the worst of Barry Hussein’s depredations. That Conservative Republican Congress will most certainly not obstruct the Israelis, should they feel as though they cannot wait any longer for the sake of their national security, and I feel that time is very close. Whatever they do, they cannot accede to Obama’s wishes. There is no two-state solution.

More treachery, lies, and aid and comfort to Israel’s enemies is what can be anticipated with regard to Obama. These events appear to be a softening of anticipated military targets.
I sincerely hope so.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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