Pardon my French. I’m referring to the accusations flying from both ends of the political spectrum, and the associated denials by the targets. These to-and-fro volleys are all part of everyday political life, although they do become more vicious, and often desperate and unfounded, as elections loom large on the horizon.

Sharron Angle and Harry Reid in live debate.

I have been accused, on more than one occasion, of being a ‘denier’. Like the good Alinsky student, they use the guilt approach, with more than a smattering of fake disbelief that anyone could hold a view that conflicts with their own… “You don’t believe that man-made global warming exists?!” This is usually followed up with the (manufactured) statistical statement which begins “The consensus of opinion is….” When the guilt and fake scientific approach fails, they resort to ridicule… “I suppose you still think the Earth is flat?”

This is not an article on climate change, although the topic is a wonderful showcase for the manipulation tactics of the socialists. While touching the subject though, this letter written by Professor Hal Lewis is worth reading.

Charles Krauthammer, in his article of October 14, gave awards for performances in the 2010 election campaigns. The ‘most shameless national campaign attack’ trophy went to Obama’s suggestion that foreign money was used to fund the US Chamber of Commerce ads. When Bob Schieffer asked David Axelrod for evidence, his reply was, “Well, do you have any evidence that it’s not, Bob?” Charles goes on to compare this reverse-logic with an unprovable act by Obama. I personally believe that they have been reading Douglas Adams’ explanation of the ‘infinite improbability drive’.

In this video clip, replace the name ‘Cocteau’ with ‘Obama’.

The false accusations and infinitely improbable logic of the left can serve any, or all, of three purposes… to promote an otherwise unacceptable agenda to the electorate (stimulus, health care, cap-and-trade); to shift the blame for their failures (blame Bush, racial divisiveness – see Skip’s article of October 15); to detract the electorate from the real issues (any muckraking they can construe in an attempt to conceal the fact that they have no accomplishments to boast about).

The big difference between the accusations of left and right is that those from the right are based on fact. A liberal reader would say that this is a purely subjective statement. Not so. Can anyone honestly say that the American economy is looking rosy, that unemployment figures are showing improvement, that businesses are feeling confident for the future? A few months  in, health insurers are already facing severe problems, thanks to Obamacare.

There is one charge leveled at Republicans by the Democrats that I do agree with, to an extent… the ‘party of no’. We don’t say ‘no’ like the obstinate child, testing a parent’s breaking point. We say “Hell, no!” to the destruction of the following: jobs, the economy, the Constitution, borders, personal freedom, American exceptionalism, and to the move toward socialism and to endless government spending.
On the charge of ‘No’, I plead guilty on all counts.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)