Obama And The Great Racial Divide.

Post what? Barack Obama has done more to foster the division between racial groupings than all the real redneck racists out there combined… and there’s not nearly as many people busily working against blacks and other minorities as the left would have you believe.

With a totally narcissistic, committed ideologue like Barack Hussein Obama, in fact with all totalitarian governments, there must be unrest and a carefully controlled Balkanization, separating groups of people from the so-called mainstream for incredibly vicious attacks based on racial everything. In ugly point of fact, every time I hear a really creepy comment or racial slur it’s invariably a Democrat or a DeMarxist operative.

Why America’s blacks are going to hang with with Obama through 2012 is a mystery to me. I think that the black community as a whole had an awful lot of political capital invested in Barack Obama.

I have close friends of many races. Most of my friends tend to be conservative. No surprises there! I’ve asked a couple of my black friends why, after two years of evidence of Obama’s horrific governance, they just can’t fess up and admit they made a mistake. The answer was that many blacks do see through Obama and know he’d drop them like a hot rock the second his interest took him elsewhere, or as soon as he no longer needed them to foster his mad dreams of America, the banana republic.

I think many blacks secretly realize he’s anathema to the black community. Barack Obama doesn’t build, he doesn’t nurture, he doesn’t husband. He destroys, he divides.

I’ve said this before, but it deserves a reprise here. These are black folks’ jobs that are being lost along with white. Those are white homes, and Hispanic homes, and Chinese homes that are being foreclosed.
This isn’t a black thing. It’s not a white or Hispanic thing, either. It’s an American thing.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis.

© Skip MacLure 2010