Obama And The DeMarxists’ Scorched Earth Political Suicide.

Regular readers of this column will remember a cartoon showing ‘the march of the Democrat lemmings’, where identical hordes poured over a cliff. That’s much like what’s still occurring within the DeMarxist ranks. Not satisfied to have presided over the single greatest threat to our livelihoods, our homes and our freedoms in the history of the country, many a Congress critter is about to ride the Obama express over the falls.

The mood of the country is neither forgiving nor is it likely to allow for much compromise with the left as far as most of us are concerned. The DeMarxists are running for their political lives. Barack Hussein Obama’s White House is rapidly becoming his Fuhrer’s bunker, just as Hitler lived underground in Berlin during the final days of the Reich. No, I’m not comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler, though there certainly are some ready comparisons.

The political landscape isn’t just looking bleak for the enemies of our country… it’s purely toxic. I mentioned yesterday that every new move of the DeMarxist political machine drops them even deeper into hot water with the American citizen. Yeah, the ones they’ve lied to and ignored for the last time.

Obama’s and the DeMarxists’ tactics are not going unnoticed or unremarked. They are facing an aroused populace, who has made it its business to be extraordinarily well informed about the condition of the country and the economy.

A seismic upheaval in the tapestry of American politics will occur in less than three weeks now. It’s not a question of victory any more. We are assured of that, however it is a matter of numbers… we’re sure to take the House by more, much more, than we need.

The Senate is also up for grabs with ten seats which could very likely swing Republican. There are thirty six gubernatorial seats up this election cycle, many of which may fall to Republicans. Add to that the truly staggering numbers of state and local races where Republican candidates are having a huge impact.
It is indeed a very tough year for incumbents.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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