O’Bozo And The Clown College – Turning Certain Defeat Into Certain Disaster.

We, that is we of the Conservative Patriot movement, have experienced pretty much the worst the Marxists of the Obama government have had to throw at us. The lame-tame, so-called mainstream press, whose slavish devotion to all things socialist is well known, has lost its grip on the American people.

Enter the alternate or ‘new media’, whose reportage has been scooping the media giants on a regular basis. Not only that, but stories can be broken nationwide instantly with a few keystrokes, and we have thousands of well-informed and patriotic writers who have taken it upon themselves to get to the story and then get the truth out.

The Marxist redistributionist cabal that had taken over the seat of government in Washington completely misread the mood and intent of the country. Yeah, we’d had all of George Bush that we wanted. We were bitterly disappointed in his weak inability to rein in his out-of-control Congress, for all he was, and is, a decent man who took his responsibility to protect the country and the people of the United States from further attacks by Islamist terrorists seriously.

The DeMarxists are still trying to play on his name, magnificently ignoring that it’s been two years since George Bush retired, and that this economy and these two wars in which our nation finds itself engaged are all Obama all the time, for two years now.

Journalists, even some of the supposed reliable lame-stream outlets, have been commenting on how there now appears to be a consensus that Obama is in over his head. Hell’s bells, fellas and gals… I could have told you that two years ago… and did… repeatedly. It’s looking like the leftists are going to pay the price for hijacking our government.

The American people are the same everywhere you go, and just about everyone you talk to is really angry and cannot wait for November 2. Many people of my own acquaintance, who in a normal political cycle wouldn’t even walk across the street to vote, are fired up and talking it up to others. That’s how this thing works… one American to another… one patriot to another.

Every time Obama or any of his (remaining) minions opens his mouth, they double down on our anger quotient, more people become active and the movement grows. See, that’s another thing that the DeMarxists haven’t figured out. It’s attraction, not promotion, that accounts for the spectacular growth of the Patriots and their supporters across the nation.

Three weeks… Register and read up on the candidates and the issues for your state and locality. Be an informed voter. It may very well be the most important thing you’ll ever do.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010