California’s Rogue Air Resources Board… Anti-California, Anti-Business, Anti-American.

Brian Sussman, KSFO’s morning anchor here in the San Francisco Bay Area, variously known as Babylon-by-the-Bay and the belly of the liberal beast, really went on a tear over the California Air Resources Board. I can’t repeat it here, or even much of it, because I was so transfixed when I heard it that I didn’t take notes. It’s worth listening to and if you go to Brian’s section on KSFO’s website, it is there to listen to on demand. Alternatively, click on this link to hear that portion of the show: Brian Sussman, Oct. 8, 6-7am.

Brian Sussman

Between the Environmental Protection Agency, the California Air Resources Board and its distaff offspring here in the nine-county Bay Area, the Bay Area Air Quality Resources Board, the level of over-regulation has reached insane levels.

Our absolutely useless state government aside, much of the downturn in the state of California is directly attributable to businesses of all classifications leaving the Golden State for greener pastures in business-friendly states, or offshore altogether. Either way, these powerful agencies are responsible to no one. There is no political oversight of these agencies, whose merest whim can destroy thousands of businesses with scant fear of any repercussion.

Aside from the exodus of money, jobs and skilled people we’ve experienced, new businesses are giving California a wide berth. Once they check the punitive tax rates, multiplicity of fees and other charges, and the punitive nature of the regulating agencies here, they say adios. Then they pick up their marbles and move to business-friendly states like Nevada or Arizona.

It appears that Conservatives are on the verge of a truly historic event in American politics. Conservatives have got to make an urgent priority of collaring these agencies, federal as well as state and local, that are literally choking American enterprise to death. They are the enemy of the American people and a friend to radical environmentalists of all types.

Oddly enough, the behemoth that is the Environmental Protection Agency may be the easier to defeat as they, like any federal agency, are dependent on Congress for funding. They could be starved into submission by a Conservative Republican Congress with courage and conviction.

The California agencies may be tougher because they are solely funded by fines levied against unwary contractors, property owners and businesses. They are virtually autonomous, setting policy as they see fit and, in the case of the California Air Quality Board, fake science and cooking the books on the phony science that they had derived from someone else’s fraudulent research. These goofball goons don’t even exist in the same universe with the rest of us.

It should be readily apparent to all that if California is to recover from its current tailspin something has got to be done to change the environment for businesses here in this state.

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