Polls And Surveys.

The usual pre-election flurry of facts, figures, statistics and predictions are being hurled at us from all directions. From demographic and racial groups’ preferences to the likelihood of hamster owners voting Republican or Democrat… most angles are covered in some way or another.

I pity the campaign organizers who have to dissect all this information in order to target the areas and groups where they have less support. Let’s see… we need to concentrate on mixed-race, Lexus owning, Mac using, CSI viewers with a subscription to ‘Gardener’s Weekly’. Well, I exaggerate a little, perhaps.

Pollsters remind me of the addicted gambler, who regularly boasts “I came out $1,000 up this week”, without mention of the $5,000 they lost the previous week. The electorate is, for the most part, fickle. Take out the group of us that would never, save for a severe blow to the head, vote for the other party. What you have left is a large percentage that can be swayed right up to the last minute before entering the booth.

This is precisely the group being targeted now by the Democrats in their last-hour smear campaigns. I covered the Meg Whitman story in some detail yesterday, so I don’t intend covering the same ground today. By leaving these attacks so late in the game, it gives little time for the victim to react and vindicate themselves. One poll this week showed Meg’s percentage dropping, although it was claimed that this was not due to the actions of Attorney Gloria Allred, at the behest of person/s yet unknown. Can I really believe that?

With nothing of substance on which to campaign, other than failed policies and a total disregard for the wishes of the majority of Americans, not to mention the fact that one piece of legislation they did get through, by unscrupulous means, was arguably the most unpopular in modern history, they are left with two options. One option is the personal attack / smear campaign. The other is to appear more centrist in their ads.

I have seen several lately which declare the desire to restore the economy, create new wealth and jobs, to put America back at the top where it belongs. Gee… I could vote for that guy. But… wait a moment… Isn’t that the Democrat who voted for the stimulus, the health care bill, opposed the surge, voted for cap-and-trade?

The sad fact is that many voters will fall for these benign-looking candidates, with no idea of their true agenda or ideologies. A recent survey showed that 65% of people questioned could not name one Supreme Court Judge. With a total lack of political knowledge, what chance do they have of disseminating the truth from the lies in these campaigns?

Instead of filling our youngsters’ heads with prophecies of doom through man-made global warming and Marxist historical revisionism, it’s time that they were taught the real truth that is the Constitution and American political history, that these video confidence tricksters’ true intention is to take the country down a path that has failed in every single nation that has tried it.
Only then will we see the opinion polls fluctuate less wildly.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)