Credible Deniability.

It’s a little early for Oscar nominations, perhaps, but the performance of Nicandra Diaz Santillan should be worth consideration. More commonly referred to as Nicky Diaz, she was employed as a housekeeper by California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

Diaz and Allred

A lot of things don’t add up in this case, or rather, they do make sense if you assume the worst in people’s character. A claim for $6,210 should be dealt with swiftly by the local small claims court, or even by Judge Judy if the parties involved want their fifteen minutes of fame. Not this time, however.

Diaz is represented by top Hollywood lawyer, Gloria Allred. Given the financial hardship claimed by Ms Diaz, it was really good of Allred to take on a legal aid case. Yeah, right! So the question is, who exactly is financing this court action?

Jerry Brown and entourage have denied any knowledge of the issue. This could be true, giving them the benefit of doubt. The Democrats and their affiliates move in mysterious and nefarious ways. It’s been no secret that their muckrakers have been active for months, trying to uncover the smallest detail that could be used in pre-election smear campaigns.

Like the bumbling Inspector Clouseau, their detective work has come back to bite them on occasions… the false accusations against N. Carolina’s Buck Newton being a good example. The liberals’ gumshoes could well have kept their actions unknown to Brown, lest he be known as a liar should the truth be revealed.

While Diaz claims that nobody ‘held a gun to her head’, while wiping away the tears (what is that stuff they use in Hollywood on their fingers?), I get a feeling that her bank balance will soon be far more healthy, and her poor family, to whom she sent a portion of her $23-an-hour wage, may be more comfortable.

The left are trying to vilify Whitman in this affair, even though she, and the employment agency, had seen what they thought were genuine legal documents. They really have to make up their minds on this. Are they annoyed that Meg released Diaz from her employment on discovery of the fraud (defending the illegal immigrant criminal, as they usually do), or that she was taken in by a con artist?

It really defies belief that any good, honorable Americans could vote for a party who, by their behest, instigate election tactics that would befit the world’s most corrupt political systems.

As for the real guilty party in this sordid affair, I’ll finish with this extract from an article by Ronald W. Mortensen, the entire content of which is here:

“First, will law enforcement authorities and ICE pursue Nicandra Diaz-Santillan for the felonies she has committed, or will they give her a total pass as they do with virtually all illegal aliens who commit job-related felonies? The smart money says that they will do nothing – as usual.
Second, just how credible is Diaz-Santillan’s assertions that Whitman cheated and mistreated her? After all, she apparently constantly lied about her immigrant status to her employer for nearly a decade and she shows no remorse for what appears to be a long history of committing major, employment-related felonies.”

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)