On The Road Again.

Barack Hussein Obama is on the campaign trail again, while many of his party members are looking for rocks to hide under. Obama never stopped campaigning. The difference now is that even the slavish leftist press has had stilted commentary on Obama’s handling of the nation’s economy.

Obama’s intentional destruction of our economy will certainly succeed unless we stop it. Do you want to see the true Marxist Mr Obama? Do you want to see what this country would look like under the gentle tutelage of the Anointed One?

Look south. Your gaze doesn’t have to go any farther than Venezuela and the Benito Mussolini of the banana-state set, Hugo Chavez. Hugo is busy gobbling up private assets and defying anyone to gainsay him. It wouldn’t be so bad if Hugo confined his activities to Venezuela, but for his recent adventurism into fomenting and aiding rebellion in neighboring Colombia, and his active participation in aiding terrorists trying to make their way north.

Even though Chavez lost seats in the recent elections, he just stuck his Mussolini jaw out there and said that it would only make him more determined to radicalize the economy… against the will of the people. Who does this sound like? If you said Barack Obama, you win. They’re just exactly the same. One petty dictator modeling another.

Obama is having trouble getting anyone to listen to him. But then, he doesn’t say much he hasn’t said before. This November you’ll have the chance to finish this nonsense, or rather the first phase of this nonsense, and returning this country back to a Constitutional Republic.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010