Sunday Lunch.

Has Skip’s editor decided to take a break from politics by publishing recipes? Or maybe it’s the announcement of a new weekend magazine program? No, we couldn’t compete with the excellent Chris Wallace and FNS.

Last Sunday, I thought I’d partake of some lunch in the staff restaurant. I’m not a huge fan of British-style cooking. As Michael Savage exclaimed, when he discovered his inclusion on the ‘banned from Britain’ list, “Darn! And I was just planning a trip to England for their superior dental work and cuisine.” I know the feeling, Mike. Unless you have a preference for large quantities of pastry and batter, or large liver-based meatballs, the name of which I can’t reveal here without alienating a large percentage of San Francisco residents, there isn’t much going for it.

You can always play safe and request a burger, which often results in the query “Would you like it in a bun?” Uh, yeah. I’d like bread on my sandwich, too. Anyway, Kath Toms does a mean Sunday roast, so, as a change from my usual diet of Tex-Mex and Italian, I thought I’d indulge.

There have been many tales throughout history of people ‘seeing’ things in the most unlikely places… Holy apparitions on a slice of toast, for example. When I looked at the contents of my plate, I could see much of the recent history of the 111th Congress.

There was the pork. We have had plenty of that. Stimulus packages crammed full of the stuff. When questioned hard enough about it, they’d trim off some of the rind in a feeble attempt to make it more palatable. I guess you could call it ‘cured pork’.

The stuffing was the bulk of the 2,600 page health care bill, which, by their own admission, the perpetrators had not even bothered to read.

I was surprised to find that Brussels sprouts are still on the menu. With the amount of digestive methane production that these little green legumes are responsible for, it’s surprising that they have not been outlawed by the enviro-nazis. They will probably soon be the victims of the preferred liberal tactic of ‘education’ (see video). Be prepared for your little ones to severely reprimand you for serving them as part of a meal (“My teacher says all the polar bears will die if we all eat Brussels sprouts”). I guess we could circumvent it by purchasing some carbon tax credits!

None of this would be complete without the roast potatoes, which is precisely what the incumbent Democrats will be this November 2. We have to turn up the heat on them. They are resorting to the most desperate of measures to save their skins now, with unfounded, unscrupulous attacks on Republican candidates.

We can not allow people who accept lies as an acceptable part of government to control the country. They have had their meal, now let’s give them their just desserts!

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)