The Insipid Mr Obama.

What has happened to Barack Hussein Obama will go down as the most spectacular rise and fall in US political history. Barack Obama hasn’t a clue what goes on in the minds and hearts of Americans. I saw a clip of Ann Coulter, where she states that Obama is not a Muslim… he’s an atheist. Ann, I’m not so sure.

I don’t believe he’s a Christian either. Twenty years in the front row of a Black Liberation Theology church, run by a crackpot American-hating anti-semite, with strong ties to The Nation of Islam and through them the Muslim Brotherhood, is not exactly mainstream Christianity.

Let’s see… if Obama only attended about half the year, that’s say, 26 weeks for 20 years. That’s 520 hours he sat there and listened to a race-baiter vent hatred against whites, Jews and the United States of America. People just don’t hang around places like that unless there’s something there for them. Obama was there because he wanted to be there.

Trinity United Church of Christ espouses a radical theology which gives God and Christ short shrift, while teaching Marx rather than Mary and the story of Christ. Obama was a Muslim for the most formative years of his life in Indonesia. Barack Obama’s mother was a Marxist also, an atheist and had a penchant for marrying Muslim men.

Since she was an anthropologist, working in the field much of the time, Barack and his sister would be left frequently with their grandparents in Hawaii, where Barack’s grandfather introduced him to avowed communist Frank Marshall Davis. Barack was to be taught by this man until he left Hawaii for Occidental College in California.

With this background in mind, it’s not at all surprising that Obama views America through a foreigner’s eyes. He neither sees nor hears the pulse of America. He never bonded with a father… barely bonded with his mother. All of his known associations in college and subsequently in Chicago politics were radicals or ‘progressives’, which I guess is the new “I don’t mean what you think I mean” slogan. They don’t like ‘communist’ or ‘Marxist’ because they can’t sell any votes that way. So they always make things sound like something they’re not.

Barack Obama has no allegiance to this country. Barack Obama despises this country, and is actively working to destroy it to somehow raise his ideal society out of the ashes. That much is pretty apparent from the way he and the clown college have been depth-charging our economy.

The nation is going to be well rid of Mr Obama… but first we have to pull his fangs and make sure they stay pulled. That’s why this upcoming November 2 will be the most important day of your life. RegisterVote!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010