The Smell Of Freedom Is In The Air.

Hey, folks! Don’t get big heads over this, but the responses the Tea Party groups and Patriot organizations have been getting from you has them growing by leaps and bounds. The results we’ve been having, getting the Conservative message out in our own blocks, streets, cities and towns, has been nothing less than spectacular.

People who have never before in their lives been politically active are joining in some numbers. Disaffected, burnt out or just plain disgusted Democrats are coming into our movement in increasing numbers. The all important independents are here in strength… these folks are tending toward strong Conservatism. And finally, the Conservatives themselves, the ones who were so disgusted that they just picked up their marbles and went home and stayed home clear through the 2008 presidential race, virtually ensuring an Obama victory, are back.

As ugly and painful as these two years have been, there’s no way the country would have rebelled against John McCain as they have against Barack Hussein Obama’s Marxist power grab. Oh, there would have been plenty of dissent to McCain, but nothing even approaching the tidal wave of voter retribution that has been heating to a slow boil since 2008.

Americans are such a rare breed. The left and other fringe nut cakes really don’t understand what a great and special place this is, this America. It exists nowhere else on Earth and nothing like it has ever been seen before.

The Conservative rebellion is here. I’m proud of my fellow Americans. For a very long time, I would go about my business mumbling, “How long are we going to take this crap?” and “When are we going to stand up and fight?” Well, we’re not taking it any more, and the time is now.
The smell of freedom is here and it’s really exciting.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010