The Unification Factor.

The ruling junta braces itself for the firestorm of American voter disgust that’s manifesting itself into a political tsunami which could sweep all before it. It’s no secret that the not-so-thinly disguised Marxists that make up the bulk of Barack Hussein Obama’s administration may be planning exit strategies soon… as some already have. Likewise, the most radically left-leaning Democratic Congress in our country’s history is scurrying to find cover that no longer exists.

When I saw, back in the beginning, who Barack Hussein Obama was and that he had all the attributes of a dictator-in-waiting, I wondered how much it would take and how long it would be before the American people woke up and rebelled… at least I was praying they would. I was answered in spades. The American public began to act within months of Obama taking the oath and the Patriot Movement literally exploded across the landscape. Numbering in the millions, it has become a potent political force to be reckoned with by both Democrats and Republicans.

I had always known this to be a center-right country with a strongly conservative base. My faith in anything Republican was shot through and through after the election. I had been none too happy with the eight years of Republican mismanagement under Bush. After watching the Republican insiders work to see ‘moderate’ John McCain go down in flames, most of the Republicans and Conservatives woke up to the fact that the RNC, in all of its manifestations, just wasn’t on the same track as the rest of the country, who had begun to figure out the Barack Obama thing and were beginning to think.

The DeMarxist Congress, under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, literally stole the people’s will by buying votes in the most blatant and disgusting shows of political blind man’s buff ever seen. This time though, the people were aware and waiting… and watching… and learning.

The political phenomenon known variously as the Tea Party or the Tea Party Patriots, or sometimes just as the Patriot Movement which seems to be a blanket term, are largely, at least in my view, a creation of the left. We’re that shot in the head the lefties got when they pulled their Marxist-Leninist crap in Congress, starting with the stimulus. The left birthed the instrument of their destruction.

A true grass roots movement, the Patriots are as unhappy with the Republican establishment as with the DeMarxists (for newer readers, DeMarxist is a term I coined for the 60s radicals forming the majority of the Democratic side of the House and the Senate).

Today, the greatest need is to win the election. Everything else can wait. Win in November… right now, that’s all that matters. There are some really bright lights amongst the young Republicans in Congress, with many more Conservatives coming soon. The Republican establishment has to find some way to reconcile itself to the massive and growing Patriot Movement or risk destruction.

The people are speaking through the movements. It’s just that many establishment types forget just who the heck it is they work for. For the establishment to regain any sense of credibility, it will require somewhat of a reformation in thinking and in hard-hitting Conservative politics. That’s what we are telling them we want them to do.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010