Conservative Patriots Face Off With Old Guard Republicans.

It’s a fact that no power on earth can take down the United States of America. It’s equally true that a cabal of unprincipled, greedy and dishonest politicians have come frighteningly close to destroying this greatest of all beacons of truth and freedom. There is in us that which seeks truth and the freedom of mind, body and soul, which is the premise of being Americans.

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We have seen the light of freedom dulled by the relentless assaults of those from the political left, who are disciples of a pernicious socio-political cult philosophy which has destroyed national economies around the world wherever it has been employed. Aside from the economic chaos and inevitable starvation which follows, over one hundred million people have been murdered as a result of communist revolutionary aggression.

Maybe the absolutely disastrous tenure of Barack Hussein Obama was a gift to America by a merciful God, who saw that America had been lied to sleep… that we had forgotten who we were. When the euphoria of the 2008 election had evaporated, the monster we had invited in wasted no time revealing itself in all its tyrannical and ideological glory.

America reacted in typical American fashion… we revolted. Call it the Tea Party or the Conservative Patriot Movement or whatever you wish, but it was a near simultaneous occurrence all across the country. It was, and has been, a peaceful revolution, but a revolution nonetheless.

The 60s Marxists leading the attempted takeover of our society had been stymied in their aim to foster communist revolution here for so long that when they gained total power with the election of Barack Obama they went berserk, looking more like feeding piranha than a governing body.

What woke us up as a country was watching the thrashing of the Constitution over the illegally passed ‘sthealth’ bill, which scarcely one Congressman had read or understood. 2,700 pages of absolutely incomprehensible legalese garbage, which seeks to control over one sixth of our entire economy.

The Tea Party movement, or Patriot movement, has been instrumental in GOP victories across the country, not always in tune with the chosen of the Republican establishment, however. The real truth is that the Republican Party has been pulled along in the wake of the Conservative tsunami, which has yet to peak and will come crashing down on the DeMarxists and the Obama administration in November.

The infamous ‘tin ear’ of the establishment Republicans, refusing to listen to the Conservative base time after time, has brought us stellar presidential candidates such as Bob Dole and John McCain. Trent Lott, another establishment hero, blurted out on television that the Tea Parties were nothing to worry about… they would simply be co-opted by the establishment party when they arrived in Washington. That statement alone shows how little they understand what’s going on out here.

They have no idea of the power and energy that is concentrated out here in the national Patriot Movements. It will not end with November. Our scrutiny will only increase as we make darn sure that the people we send to Washington are doing the jobs we sent them to do.
November simply marks the beginning of the next battle, the campaign to retire Barack Obama.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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