That Was The Week That Was #5.

The start of the week saw the left still smarting from the success of Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ rally which was held in DC the previous Saturday. As usual, when they have nothing of substance to argue, they resort to the tactic of belittlement.

Glenn Beck

A predominantly white crowd, ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ shirts being worn and exaggerated audience figures were amongst the criticisms coming from the liberals. They were really scraping the barrel for ammunition!

They stooped to the lowest of lows when the Huffington Post (who else?) published an article by Beau Friedlander, which offered a $100,000 reward for anyone that could provide scandal evidence that would remove Beck from the public eye. It was soon pulled from the site, probably more an act of self-preservation than honor.

We can expect a lot more from the Democrat Department of Dirty Tricks, especially after the survey figures released by Gallup at the start of the week which showed the Republicans taking a ten point lead amongst prospective voters, the highest so far this year.

The Obama administration pulled out all the stops, by their standards, by sending thirty National Guard troops to Arizona to help reinforce border security. Senators McCain and Kyl, along with Arizona officials, had requested 3,000. As a safety precaution, the Bureau of Land Management have erected signs, as far as 70 miles from the border, warning travelers of dangers in the area.

Could this be the start of a new trend by the Obama administration… disclaimers posted all over the country? Translated: “Due to our unwillingness to take action and support state authorities and enforce immigration laws, we take no responsibility for death or injury as a result thereof.”

The government’s victimization of Arizona further manifested itself in the suing of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is charged with failing to provide requested documentation in relation to alleged racial profiling. That this action comes only a matter of months after an investigation by ICE, which resulted in them reporting that everything was in order, makes it quite clear that someone, somewhere is determined to be rid of him.

While the government spends taxpayers’ money on lawsuits against those that defend you and your country, they invest more of your hard-earned dollars in professors at UCSD, whose belief in the dissolution of borders has driven them to modify cell phones by the addition of GPS components which, when supplied to illegal border-crossers, can assist them in their trek across the desert. The next step is government-subsidized taco trucks, lemonade stands and restrooms along the route.

The week, and the ‘recovery summer’ as it had been called by Democrats, ended with another increase in unemployment figures. With it now at 9.6%, one in six Americans are receiving welfare payments. Meanwhile, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis insists “there are jobs out there.”

I’m sure those words bring great comfort to the many that have never before known such hardship!

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

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