Sixty Three Days!!!

In the five day news cycle of politics, that’s the blink of an eye. Liberals got a good look at the real America when Glenn Beck’s call to God and country caused a mere 600,000 or so of you to pay your own way to travel to Washington DC.

I wrote in February 2009 that there was a ‘different’ feel out here… people were visibly, and more importantly audibly, upset at Barack Hussein Obama’s abrupt shift to the left. I said, that in this day and age of instant communication, he wouldn’t be able to hide who he really is for long.

I was gratified to be right, as layer after layer of spin, cover and distortion were stripped from Obama’s public persona, and people were able to see beyond the glitz and canned goodies into the frightening, gray world of deprivation and poverty that would be the inevitable result of the triumph of the left.

The people came together, first in town hall meetings and then at the Tea Parties which sprung up all around the country like mushrooms after a spring rain. Their message was remarkably consistent, though they had no apparent leadership on anything other than a local volunteer level.

Conservative values, the defeat of the Obama agenda and the reversal of health care, smaller government, tax cuts and preservation of the Republic are consistent messages throughout.
We The People… we’re coming to take our country back. Then we’re going to be asking some very pointed questions.

The Republican leadership is under scrutiny as well. There are many who think that, if given the opportunity to lead again, they’ll revert to type and be the ‘Democrat light’ party insiders who perpetrated us getting thrown out of the leadership to start with. Just being elected to office is not going to guarantee anything any longer. We’ll monitor every person we elect. We’ll question and criticize and, if our elected representatives don’t toe the line, we’ll replace them.

Constitutional Conservatism is sweeping the country. Americans are rising up against the threat to our freedoms. Support them. Get active in your neighborhood and with your district Tea Party. Urge everyone you know to register. Tell them that this will be the single most important vote of their entire lifetimes.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010