Obama’s Retreat.

It’s not his Waterloo… that comes later… it’s more like Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow. It’s like Obama is absolutely overwhelmed with the job of the presidency. Nothing in his background, or training, had prepared him for the reality of the biggest job in the world.

I think Obama was fascinated by the idea of being president. I don’t think he, or the cabal of leftists he has gathered around him, have a clue as to how to run anything, much less this country. The Marxists have managed to unite this country as perhaps nothing else could have.

Obama has had a tin ear from the outset. He has proven to be so ideologically driven that not even the impending Conservative tsunami looming in November will sway him from his vision of fundamentally changing American life and values. This is not a Bill Clinton, with someone like Dick Morris to convince him to move to the center in this center-right country.

Obama’s horizon sees only that which is permitted by his vision. He’s oblivious to the rhythms of the nation or the opinions of the electorate. He repeatedly attacks the new media for doing what the lame-stream won’t… telling the American people and the world the truth about Obama, and the DeMarxists’ rush to break down our society.

Obama’s foreign entanglements, including his apparent support for Muslim countries over our long time allies, is another Obama blind spot.
Barack Obama truly does need to be a one term president.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010