Bulking Up – US Fuels Israeli War Machine.

And a thirsty one it is indeed, as they all are. The United States has sold Israel two billion dollars worth of military fuel stocks. That’s about 444 million gallons of JP-8, unleaded and diesel fuel.

Israel’s air force would use prodigious quantities of fuel in an all-out air assault against her enemies that could last for days. The tanks and mobile artillery won’t be slow consuming huge amounts of fuel either. This, right in the face of Barack Obama’s biggest push to neuter Israel, by promising a ‘nuclear shield’ to protect her from her enemies… if she promises not to attack Iran.
Note to our Israeli friends: Barack Hussein’s promises are as empty as his economic policies.

It’s remarkable that the administration that has done everything in its power to prevent the Israelis from defending themselves against the real and present danger that is fundamentalist Iran, is the same one that is supplying the one strategic assurance Israel needed to prosecute a sustained military effort.

Israel’s quick and final solution to the Galant issue pretty much put a stop to the speculation that it was a red herring to distract the Arabs from Israeli war preparations. The US, Germany, France and UK air forces have been training, simulating operations over Iran.

Syria’s armed forces are at their highest alert status. Hamas continues to agitate and Hizballah concentrates forces in Lebanon.
Israel must move soon. We should move with her.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010