That Was The Week That Was #4.

After the excitement of the primaries at the start of the week, it was pretty much back to business-as-usual. The same old rhetoric, blame-shifting and outright lies from the doomed Democrats.

Joe Biden

The howler of the week was courtesy of none other than Joe Biden, gaffe-master extraordinaire. Stating that the economy recovery was slower than he would like, he insisted that we are headed in the right direction. So was the Titanic, Joe. It doesn’t take a master cartographer to read the economy map. If you take the Cartesian coordinates of unemployment, private sector expansion and market confidence, you’ll probably find yourself somewhere in the Bermuda triangle of failed stimuli.

I’ll give Joe one thing… his timing was impeccable, the mark of a gifted comedian. A few days after his remarks, a GDP figure of 1.6% was announced which, in any known universe except the Democrats’, is hardly a move in the right direction.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that former GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman had announced to family and associates that he was gay. While his reluctance (or should I say hesitancy?) to ‘come out’ earlier was perhaps due to possible reactions of Republican colleagues, it was the liberals who supplied some vicious character attacks. While I do not agree with Mr Mehlman’s now open support of gay marriage (not to be confused with civil partnerships, the legal implications of which I have no objection), I applaud his courage and his remarks on the dangers that Islam poses to minority groups.

Ken Mehlman

Some of the nasty comments I read from liberals, calling Mehlman a hypocrite and worse, reminded me of the offensive comment by Harry Reid, when he said that he didn’t know how voters of Hispanic heritage could be Republican. Well, it may be news to the Democrats, but not all Hispanics, blacks or gays dislike America and the Constitution. The liberal assertion that they should all be Democrats is an insult, which implies that all minorities are gullible and lack common sense and decency. To declare such is to pigeonhole all minorities, something they claim (falsely) to oppose.

This distrust of Democrat hypocrisy was borne out by the results of a Rasmussen poll this week. Voters now place more trust in the Republican Party than in Democrats on all ten major issues. On the economy, taxes, national security, health care and immigration, the percentage points difference ranged from 16% to 8%.

One thing that was evident in the survey is the majority support for Arizona-type immigration legislation in the voters’ home states. While John Morton’s ICE agents carried out a successful operation in rounding up 370 illegal immigrants, many guilty of heinous crimes (kudos to Mr Morton for that), there were many in Texas that had already been arrested being released without trial.

John Morton

Mr Morton explained that ICE has to prioritize, given their limited resources. That is fair comment, but it does highlight the need to outsource immigration control to the individual states, who are willing and able to implement the law, given the chance. It is time for the Federal Government to support law and order, rather than pander to the extremist groups who claim Constitutional protection for aliens.
The Constitution is there to protect legal American citizens.

For the Obama administration to cite their opposition to the Arizona Bill in a report to the UN Human Rights Council, on the grounds of ‘racial profiling’ (a total fiction, as the bill prohibited this practice), is another example of their desire to diminish the respect of the US on the international stage. This quote from the AP article: “High unemployment rates, hate crime, poverty, poor housing, lack of access to health care and discriminatory hiring practices are among the challenges the report identified as affecting blacks, Latinos, Muslims, South Asians, Native Americans and gays and lesbians in the United States.”

The very report is discriminatory, as it does not mention the fact that white heterosexuals are also subject to these problems, especially the unemployment that has resulted from Obama’s government and the hate crimes instigated by liberals against Republicans, which seem to become more prevalent. It would be interesting to read the reports submitted by some other countries, say, Venezuela, the Arab countries and Iran.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

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