That Was The Week That Was #3.

The week started with the Drudge Report headline “Mosque Mess Monday”. It was to get more messy as the week progressed, especially for the fragmenting Democrats.

The previous Friday, Barack Obama had openly declared, at the White House iftar, that it was a constitutional right to be able to build a mosque. Naturally, this greatly pleased the mostly Muslim dinner guests. When challenged on his statement the following day, during a family visit to Florida, Obama explained that he had not been commenting on the wisdom of the decision to place a mosque there. Wisdom was far from the minds of the perpetrators of this odious scheme. It’s a shame that Obama did not use some of the vitriol that he has in abundance for those that seek to serve and support the American people and way of life.

Make no mistake, the choice of the former Burlington building is no sheer coincidence. The name ‘Cordoba’ itself should ring alarm bells. Why would they purposely choose a site that will cost $100 million to develop, which, by all accounts, is money they do not yet have?

Harry Reid

On Monday, Harry Reid stated his belief that the mosque should be built elsewhere. I never thought I’d say it, but well said, Harry. It wouldn’t have anything to do with your slipping election prospects, by any chance?

On Tuesday, it was announced that New York State Governor David Paterson planned to meet with the project developers with the intention of offering them alternative state-owned land for the building. This was rapidly followed by a statement from lead developer Sharif El-Gamal, who insisted that the subject was not up for debate. More proof, as if any was needed, of their determination to build in this particular part of Manhattan.

Nancy Pelosi

The most ridiculous item of the week came on Wednesday, with Nancy Pelosi’s call for an investigation into who is funding the mosque opposition. Funding? It doesn’t take funding to voice your opinion on plans which are an affront to the memory of the victims, the grief of the surviving families and the sacrifices of the rescue services on, and after, 9-11. I get the distinct feeling that, as this affair rolls on, some unpleasant realities will come to light. Every Trojan horse eventually reveals its contents.

The end of the week saw some more bad news on the economy. New claims for unemployment benefits rose to 500,000, the highest since November 2009. The number of people on emergency benefits also increased by 260,105 to 4.75 million. Sounds like more change for the worse, and very little hope.

Finally, on the subject of statistics, a Time/CNN poll revealed that 24% of Americans believe that Barack Obama is Muslim. Surprisingly, given the political leanings of the pollsters, it was found that 75% of those surveyed hold a favorable impression of the Jewish faith, just above Catholicism and Protestantism. The Muslim cult came last at 44%. With Obama’s current Presidential approval index at minus eighteen points, could it be time for a change of faith?

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

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