Israel’s Options All Point In The Same Direction.

Israel knows it has to go it alone now. If there was hope lingering that Barack Hussein Obama was going to overcome his thinly-disguised contempt for the State of Israel, and in the end turn and lend his support to the mission that everybody knows Israel has on its plate but no one wants to talk about, that hope has now vanished. Israel has watched the situation become more dangerous and more difficult with every passing day.

The Bushehr Nuclear Plant

Buried amongst stories of an Iranian F-4 crashing several miles north of the Bushehr reactor site, there was speculation that the plane had been downed by the intense anti-aircraft blanket that is protecting the site, which is set to be fueled on August 21.

There are also slightly confused and garbled reports of three explosions at the reactor dome. Reports talked about one to three ‘drones’ striking the reactor dome. One report out of official Tehran radio spun it as a ‘readiness test’, checking on the reactor’s security. Sure… we always test our reactors here by hurling large objects at them. Reports also indicate that several people were killed.

One can only hope that these reports are true and that, somehow, the Israelis managed to hit the reactor. It would be a very Israeli thing to do. Early reports being what they are, and the difficulty of getting accurate news out of Iran being what it is, this story is, as Drudge would say, ‘developing’.

Additional hurdles, such as the Russians moving S-300 interceptor batteries into South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which may prevent the Israelis using the northern route to Iran, makes the tactical situation for Israel visibly more serious.

For all of our sakes, I hope Israel will strike soon. Strike hard and repeatedly. Don’t ask anyone… no warnings… just do it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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