Obama An Embarrassment.

I don’t think the weak and indecisive Jimmy Carter’s presidency was as far down the road to self destruction as is Obama’s. After all, by his second year, all Jimmy could lay claim to is giving the Panama Canal to the Chinese, among some of his other global ‘peace initiatives’.

Carter is, however, a classic example of the liberal mindset. One of the most obvious failings that Barack Hussein Obama has in common with Jimmy, is the absolute tone-deafness they have with regard to the American people.

It was over for Carter when he went in front of national television, to piously proclaim that Americans had to make do with less. That we should turn down our heaters and we should put on sweaters instead. Americans don’t like being lectured, most especially when the lecturer is seen as weak and indecisive… another strong similarity between Obama and Jimmy.

I’ve written about Jimmy Carter’s virulent anti-semitism before. Obama’s is none the less virulent, for all that he tries to cover it over with rhetoric and banal platitudes. Carter was anti-American in that he refused to acknowledge American exceptionalism and held the globalists’ opinion that no country should be more prosperous than another, and that economic stagnation was to be our lot.

Historians will look back at the Obama presidency and postulate about when his star’s light diminished. I could be flippant and say the minute his presidency started, but in fact I believe it was with the first stimulus. A lot of people didn’t like the way that whole thing was engineered. Then along came the health care issue and that’s when the other two wheels came off the Obama wagon. The American people figured out that what they thought was a new kind of politician was actually the embodiment of the worst of the old Chicago ward politics of last century, wrapped in the doctrine of extreme leftist ideology and a visible contempt for this country and its founding principles.

There are many out there who are openly questioning just who and what Barack Obama really is. No president in history has had his background so obscured, scrubbed and sanitized as this one has. His ‘affinity’ for all things Muslim, when the country is just coming to realize the depth of the danger we are in from this pernicious ‘cult of death’, only serves to heighten the public’s suspicion of his hidden agenda.

Obama has just about nailed his own lid shut with the endorsement of the now infamous Cordoba mosque. It was another startling display of contempt for the people of this country. The people of America are getting ready to speak in no uncertain terms. We don’t want Barack Obama’s agenda… not at all… not even a tiny bit.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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