It Is The Immigration Issue, Stupid!

This is the big one, boiling along just under the surface, aside from having to deal with a failed economy that is further bedeviled by a bunch of academic Keynesian dilettantes, whose Marxist zeal for redistributive policies are the reason for the problems we’re slogging through as a nation now.

Harry Reid addresses Hispanic voters in Las Vegas

You think this is a dismal place, this economy? If they (the left) had their way, it would rapidly become a dark place devoid of joy or hope. Our Republic is being assaulted on so many fronts, it’s practically a full time job just keeping track of it all. Second only to the economy is the illegal immigration issue. There’s scarcely a state in the union that hasn’t been affected by the influx of illegal aliens, primarily from across our southern border which is some 2,000 miles of shared border with Mexico and, for all practical purposes, undefended.

While Barack Hussein Obama is making great noise about a ‘border appropriation’ of some 800 million dollars, he has done nothing about restoring some 500 border patrol agents he stripped from service and reassigned in the last two years. Our international border stands virtually undefended and indefensible, at least while Obama holds sway.

America is really peed about this one too, Harry. Despite the alternate universe you reside in, Mr Reid, most Americans of Mexican descent are strongly against illegal immigration. Another thing Harry… these Mexican Americans whom you treated so flippantly and whom you dismissed so lightly will make their weight felt in the upcoming election. You see, Harry, these are family people. They are hardworking and successful Americans who, until recently, had been reluctant to come forward in the face of criticism from the left. Many of these folks have been at town hall meetings and tea parties all over the country. They are your neighbors and friends. They are my neighbors and friends. They are Americans.

California is flat broke and can’t copy big brother in the beltway by printing new bucks and distributing riches at the discretion of a few partisan power brokers. The insane practice of harboring illegal aliens in sanctuary cities, while tying the hands of our law enforcement to prevent them enforcing laws regarding illegal entrance into this country that already exist, is nuts to the max, especially in the face of the growing gang threat out there.

California has an annual budget shortfall of some 26.3 billion dollars. Ten point five billion went to services, from education to incarceration for illegals in this state.
Uh, gee, I could show the California legislature how to close the better part of half that gap.

The other big showdown of this election is about to commence…
Eighty one days and counting….

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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