Angry Electorate.

California has a budget deficit of over twenty billion dollars. We lay off police and firefighters instead of the useless politicians, bureaucrats and administrative types that have created, and now work hard to perpetuate, disaster. It’s Bell, California on a statewide and national scale.

Angry residents of Bell, California

I cannot adequately describe the utter contempt with which I hold the people who were responsible for, and contributed to, the economic chaos we’ve been living in for over two years now. Americans have a strong sense of fairness which has been outraged by the blatant excesses of the DeMarxist left. I’ve watched this whole thing simmering since the presidential campaign. There was much discontent amongst the electorate back then. Conservatives were outraged at the behavior of the Republicans who were exactly like Democrats on steroids.

The left, of course, is angry all the time anyway… it’s in their contract. It’s the only way they can operate. The left is always miserable, so they want you to be miserable too. It’s hard to believe that Barack Hussein Obama and his Marxist intellectuals have been exactly wrong on every single thing they’ve done since Obama took office. So completely that it presents a different possibility. That conclusion would have to be that it is all being done on purpose, according to a plan. Either way, after all the hoopla and spin they’ve been pumping out, virtually around the clock, they could have saved their money and their breath because America has seen the naked power grab of the left for exactly what it is, and we’ve said “Oh hell no!”

This country is very close to open revolt. Not the tar and feathers variety, but close. Americans believe in the rule of law. We also see the blatant assaults on the fundamental principles of our Republic, under the color of authority. When we see our enemy trying to build a mosque at the site of their slaughter of three thousand Americans, our collective blood starts to boil.

Take some of that anger and channel it to helping out in your local patriot group or Republican party group in your area. Volunteer to be a poll worker. Eighty four days.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010