Not A Whole Lot Of Love – Eighty Five Days And Counting.

I’ve never seen America act like this. The sense of purpose out there grows daily. I meet people on a daily basis where it’s seldom that the conversation doesn’t turn to the economy or where it might be headed. The consensus seems to be pessimistic about a recovery any time soon, and more people think that the recession may linger for two or more years than do not. But more than that. They are angry. They know what’s been done and by whom.

Business isn’t thinking about expansion… it’s scared to death and just trying to hold what it’s got. They are not hiring and they are not going to hire… they’re too busy trying to figure out how not to have to lay off the staff they have. We have public officials at virtually all levels of government who are scamming their way through the ongoing financial upheaval.

It’s a sad statement on our times that the people responsible for all, or most, of what the nation is going through will most likely never see a jury, although a Republican Congress should certainly look into the obvious monkey-business that’s been going on with all of these billions of TARP and stimulus dollars.

All the while the American people, American patriots, are becoming more informed and carrying the message of Conservatism to others. I think that we have a much more well-informed and politically aware country now, much more so than before. America knows it’s been lied to and deceived. They have watched our betrayal by a self-privileged group of self-proclaimed elitists, who foster racial discontent and bigotry as a matter of policy, whose stated goal is the complete control of every American man, woman, and child. It has welded our populace together with a fierce purpose like probably nothing else could have.

Americans, we have eighty-five days until November 2. Make the most of them.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010