America Is Wary Of Obama, Angry At Economy.

It’s like, “Ok, what’s next from this bunch?” We think in terms of protecting ourselves from, or mitigating, the damage caused by our own government.That’s a shame. We’re starting to get a bomb shelter mentality. What impetus that grows out in the private business world, to expand or to hire new employees, is crushed by government regulation and the threat of more regulation and higher taxes.

The virtual catatonic condition of the economy in our state of California, and the country at large, is causing people who never before paid much attention to political matters to find themselves joining their friends and neighbors in groups of like-minded patriots, who have banded together to proclaim the freedom and greatness of this land in the face of the real and present danger to our Republic from the radical left, now in control of the country.

The left’s pet press, and the bleating class in Hollyrude, continue to carry the DeMarxist water, running interference where they can and spinning like crazy. Interesting thing, that spin… it works usually because people have busy lives and don’t have the time or the inclination to check any further than the specious trumpeting of the lame stream press.

The spin machine has broken down. The reason it’s broken is because of the new media. Spinning is no fun if every time you open your mouth there’s some guy talking to millions of people saying “Wait a minute”. That’s the effect the new media has had on the DeMarxist spin machine. They just can’t get a lie in edgeways before five writers are tearing it apart.

As the country descended toward the abyss which is Socio-Marxism, like-minded people began to join together in a celebration of American exceptionalism. These came to be known as the Tea Parties. They swept throughout the nation, empowering Americans and uniting them against the Marxist threat. Better than 60% of the people in this country are in the Patriot Movement, or are in agreement with our message.

Yeah, we’re angry… and many of us have reason to be. There’s a difference though. It’s a focused sort of anger. It’s like we know where the problems are… we’ve done our homework.
Obama and the DeMarxists will never be more dangerous than they will be between now and November 2.
Let’s see if we can give them a good long rest.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010