It’s The Economy, Stupid!

It’s an amazing thing to see. After Judge Vaughn Walker ruled just exactly as he had telegraphed he would, the resultant uproar was bigger than I even thought it would be. I wrote about this on July 5th and predicted an anti-DeMarxist reaction. I admit it, I was wrong.

People were far angrier about the judicial theft of the legal votes of Californians than I thought they’d be. Comments came in from around the nation from angry people who are getting more angry and more determined every day. If those in the gay movement think that this has gained them any friends, they may need to reassess their strategy.

It’s like this. We were really angry before the Judge Walker ruling. That anger was mostly against the left in general, the President, his Congress, and the rats nest of radical leftists that inhabit Obama’s administration. That the gays happened along with their suit at this time is unfortunate, because a lot of people who would normally be at least neutral towards gays and their issues will be painting them with a wide brush, as the country begins to backlash against all things liberal.

The gays, whether they like it or not, are going to get caught up in this. I don’t see it as advancing their cause any. Americans as a whole are opposed to gay marriage… overwhelmingly opposed. It’s not a referendum on homosexuality. It’s a referendum on judicial activism. The Supreme Court may have a lot to say about Judge Walker’s extravagance in interpreting the law and the intent of the Constitution.

The economy… that pesky non-existent economy, with no job growth outside the government or its unions. This miracle of leftist central planning lost another 131,000 jobs last month. We have Democrat members of Congress ready to launch desperate schemes involving legislating by regulatory fiat. They have a lot to account for.
It’s not hard to gauge the level of anger out there in the American hinterlands. With more than twenty million American patriots out there it’s palpable. You can sense it in the air.

It’s way past time for all of you to get active about joining us and taking back our country.
I’ll tell it again and again. It’s your country… stand up and fight for it!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010