Unexpected Consequences.

This week, one man overturned the will of seven million Californians, shredding the meaning and intent of the Fourteenth Amendment. Judge Vaughn R. Walker sought to turn the trial into the circus maximus of the gay movement… he wanted cameras in his courtroom to dramatize the proceedings.

Judge Vaughn Walker

It was apparent from the beginning that the good judge had a stake in the trial’s outcome. How an acknowledged activist in the gay movement ever became the trial judge on the Proposition Eight issue, without being challenged and forced to recuse, is remarkable. The ultra-left may find that this judge’s self-serving decision, which stands against the beliefs of the vast majority of the American people, will only serve to further inflame the nation against the DeMarxist government in Washington and the states themselves, many of whom are in the sights of the American Patriot movement.

Barring an October surprise (take nothing for granted), it looks like the DeMarxists in Congress, not a few ‘moderate’ Democrats and some Republicans (at least the ones we can get to this cycle), are going to be surprised at the mounting voter angst out there. I’m seeing increasing numbers of Democrats, and even a few recalcitrant liberals, change their mind about their role in furthering Obama’s Marxist tyranny.

We’ve had it with activist judges who legislate from the bench while ignoring the Constitution altogether. We’ve had it with the corruption we see on a daily basis. We’ve had it even more with the politicians that put this country at risk… who have broken their oath and have sullied the offices they occupy.
Keep marching toward November… Get active, stay active!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010