The Show Me State Shows Obamacare The Gate; Won’t Be The Last.

It’s not going to take very long either. With the mood in the country going from angry to ugly, other states are considering similar laws of their own, given the resentment that was pretty much universally present when Harry, Nancy and Obama pushed an illegitimate, vast and ill-considered morass of close to 3,000 pages of absolute political psycho-babble through, against the specific wishes of the vast majority of the American people. All the king’s horses and all the king’s spin couldn’t cram that genie back in the bottle.

Senator Jane Cunningham and supporters watch the results in Missouri.

The American people, constantly reminded by the National Patriot movement, haven’t gone back into their between-elections somnambulism. They are remembering… and remembering every cheap and unconstitutional stunt the Demarxist Clown College has perpetrated. Putting it mildly, they are peed. No amount of Bush-hating vituperation will buy the MaoBama Demarxists out of this one.

The lies and spin are falling flat, and the Missouri Law passed by the astounding rate of 70%. Arizona, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Ohio and Oklahoma, to mention a few, but altogether there are twenty nine states contemplating similar laws. Perhaps, someday, when the history of the new American revolution is written, they will say that Arizona and Missouri fired the first shots across Obama’s bow.

Another Democrat incumbent went down in flames again today as Democrat Representative Carolyn Kilpatrick of Michigan was soundly defeated in the Democrat primary.
Yes, the country is in a very anti-incumbent mood.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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