Shimon Peres Is Right – Britain Is Anti-Semitic.

The London Daily Telegraph got its panties in a huge wad over comments made by Israeli President Shimon Peres, that England was deeply pro-Arab and anti-Israeli. I guess the truth must sting.

Queen Elizabeth presents Shimon Peres with the Order of St Michael and St George at Buckingham Palace, November 2008.

Naturally, some of England’s ‘senior’ MPs, probably serving the same function there as our ever-bloviating John ‘Gunboats’ Kerry, were irate. Too bad they were not half as irate about surrendering a goodly part of their sovereignty to the Islamo-fascists, who are undermining British society on every level. I don’t see the Israelis with one legal system for their Jewish citizens and Sharia courts for Muslims in their midst, nor would they tolerate it for a second… but then they don’t have a death wish.

At least the Israelis know and recognize who and what the enemy is. After all, your own police, who by all accounts have had their powers and authority so diminished as to make them, and by extension your judicial system, a sad joke. Your police won’t go in to the Muslim slums around London without risking riot or death.

It’s no secret that friction has existed between the Jewish peoples of Palestine and Judea and England since the Balfour Declaration and the British Mandate. The Jewish peoples had been returning slowly but steadily to their lost homeland for centuries, and by the time of the mandate there were already some 100,000 Jews in Palestine.

After World War Two, large numbers of homeless, displaced Jewish people aided by Zionist organizations were reaching the Holy Land. It’s no secret that the British had self serving ‘agreements’ to limit the number of Jews reaching Palestine in favor of the Arabs. The infamous ‘White Paper’ of 1941 saw to this. It resulted in the rise of the Jewish resistance groups such as the Haganah, 1920-1948, and the Irgun, 1931-1948, who were in active revolt against the British authority and waged all but open war against the Arabs who were trying to crush them.

The Jewish memory is long, and they see England as an enemy of Zionism and the Israeli people. They read the British press as well as we do, and I’m here to tell you that it is generally very pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli.

They see what is occurring in Britain, whose leadership is so feckless that it cannot stand up to the Islamist viper they have taken to their breast. Militant Islam is anti-semitism incarnate. Even weak-willed Belgium, the Netherlands and France have seen the light and are moving against the implacable foes within.
So when the Israelis say that England is anti-semitic, they have reason.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010