Lemmings March To The Sea; DeMarxist Two-Step.

Despite all the storm warnings, the red flags, the flashing lights and sirens and portents of doom, the Democrat march to November continues unabated. They can’t help themselves. They are what they are. They have shown their true colors again and again, and the American people have decided, “enough!”

We didn’t need the politicians of either side to tell us that what the DeMarxists were doing, under the dubious leadership of their poster child Barack Hussein Obama, wasn’t healthy for man, woman, child or fuzzy little animals.

We reacted with the largest Patriotic outcry since the revolutionary war. People weren’t just angry at the now obvious lies, deceit and treachery which has become the hallmark of the Democrats’ rush to tyranny. I have, for the first time in my life, heard people speaking and writing about revolution. Peaceful revolution we pray, but revolution nonetheless. These folks aren’t some ‘redneck’ characters, rolling around the countryside in their beat up old pickup trucks with rifle racks in the back window and cases of brew in the truck bed. These are serious mainstream Americans, including some pretty high profile writers.

No one has an accurate census of the Patriot and ‘Tea Party’ groups. Recent estimates put Patriot numbers somewhere north of twenty million. It’s the growth stock of the century so far and its dividends will be paid in spades, as America becomes more aware of just how far we’ve been sold out by people who swore the oath of allegiance to the Constitution and Bill of Rights they once secretly, now openly, despise.

The Marxists of the Obama administration and the Nancy Pelosi / Harry Reid Congress are frantically rushing to complete the chains with which they intend to bind you. The more that they are exposed, the more dangerous they become. They know that this is their last gasp. The closer we get to November, the more we will see their extralegal tactics employed.

Republicans have a greater responsibility than ever before in history. We’re going to have one shot, and one shot only, at stopping this treasonous cabal and returning this country to the principles on which it was founded. Americans are with you but we will not, repeat not, allow you to revert to the days of yore. You’re going to find yourselves pulled along behind us, and if you don’t support Conservative principles you’ll be a footnote in the annals of time. The RINO is going to become a distinctly endangered species as well as the so-called moderate.

Americans have made it abundantly clear that professional politicians are in their gun sights. Remember this on the way to November.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010