We Are Fearmongering Racists?!!

When Skip asked me to sit in today, due to his heavy work schedule, I didn’t really have anything lined up to write about. That was soon to change, as shortly afterward we received a comment from a reader regarding yesterday’s article (‘Meg Whitman: The Next Arnold In Waiting‘), which covered Whitman’s opposition to SB1070.

Call me old-fashioned if you wish, but I find the use of foul language unsavory to say the least. That’s not to say that the air in my office has not turned blue occasionally with some choice expletives, if I’m under pressure to complete some work and the computers are not cooperating! However, to debase an argument or debate by this method only serves to prove a lack of substance. Language aside, there was something in the comment that I found personally offensive, as I know Skip and many Conservative Patriots/Tea Party members would also.

The offending message? Here it is: “sb 1070. You are all a bunch of f****** disgusting, blatant, f****** racists pigs who are obviously so unhappy.” Of course, the asterisks were not in the original! Okay, so at whom  is Juan A Lopez (as the critic signed himself) aiming his comments? If it is Skip, Mr Lopez is seriously misguided, as investigation of previous articles would testify. Skip’s personal life is of no concern to anyone else and it is not for me to discuss such things, but I’m sure that he would be willing to forward the article links which contain details of his own experiences of discrimination and involvement in helping people from ‘minorities’.

As for myself, I have been the victim of discrimination on repeated occasions. No, not imaginary ones, such as ‘supposed’ spitting or name-calling where there was no evidence worthy of $100,000. Stones and eggs thrown at windows and a vandalized car (slashed tires and ‘keyed’ paintwork) in my case! This, in an area where nearly everyone is left of center! I live in the middle of liberal hypocrisy, so don’t try telling me about their warped ideas of equality!

So, what about the Tea Party? There is not a single day that goes by without some liberal or other hurling baseless accusations of racism. How many Americans have, in some form or other, been involved with the Tea Party movement? Two million? Five million? Ten million or more? It would be naive of me to deny that there are not some racists in that number, just as it would be to say that no Democrats or NAACP (!) members are racist.

Bigots exist in all walks of life, of all political persuasions and in all occupations. Some are so entrenched in their own little world of hate (dare I say, often a result of their own insecurities or feelings of inadequacy) that nothing will change them. They are free to think what they think. If they put those thoughts into action – that’s a different situation entirely.

We should examine the difference between racism and the rule of law under the Constitution. When the Black Panthers, on video, said what should be done to white babies… well, that speaks for itself, racism in its worst form. I would also class that as ‘incitement to violence’. However, the only basis that the left has for accusing the Tea Party of racism (forget the disproved incidents) as a whole, is its support for stronger controls on illegal immigration.

On the subject of SB1070, I found one part of Judge Susan Bolton’s statement to be quite worrying: “By enforcing this statute, Arizona would impose a ‘distinct, unusual and extraordinary’ burden on legal resident aliens that only the federal government has the authority to impose”. I heard this mentioned by a couple of television reporters, but they did not seem to interpret it the same way that I did. It sounds to me as though the federal government can impose a burden on legal resident aliens. This, of course, is referring to the status checks on suspected illegals. If this is the case, as clarified by a US judge, then why are the Feds, in the form of ICE and other agencies, so reluctant to act when they would have the full support of states like Arizona? Do I really need to answer that one?

A couple of years ago, I arrived at work early in the morning to be informed that two night workers had been taken away by police in the wee small hours. It transpired that someone had suspected them of being undocumented workers and reported them to the authorities. Indeed, the two Pakistanis had expired visas and were deported. This was in Britain, the ever-so-politically-correct nanny state. It’s a little worrying when a country that has historically been seen as a soft-touch by illegals is getting more tough than the US.

The Tea Party is not a divisive organization. It is there to unite people who have a common aim – to maintain the freedoms of every legal US citizen, regardless of ethnicity, under one flag and one Constitution – that of the United States of America.

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)