Meg Whitman: The Next Arnold In Waiting.

Meg Whitman was on America’s Morning News today. After listening to her talk, I had the distinct impression that what we’re getting is another big government liberal. When queried about the illegal alien subject she danced all over the issue, saying that “Arizona’s anti-illegal alien law was not for California”. It made me wonder if she had ever read California’s statutes, like 634-b of the criminal code. Maybe someone should tell her that we have had the same laws on our books for decades.

Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown

Successive liberal state governments (like Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown’s) have tied law enforcements’ hands, preventing them from arresting illegals for anything except violent crime, and turning them over to ICE agents and deporting them. These laws have been in existence for thirty years or more.

Whitman then moved on to say that she would ‘seal’ the border. Um, has anybody bothered to tell Megs that the Feds control the border? Sounds just like an Arizona problem doesn’t it? Maybe Whitman should talk to some of the ranchers in the Jacumba, Davies Station or Campo Station areas of the state she wishes to govern, who have to go around armed and in fear for their families.

She further said she would ensure that employers were severely punished for hiring illegal aliens and see to it that so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ would be punished and prevented from sheltering illegal aliens, such as the convicted felon who slaughtered Tony Bologna and two of his sons in that great outdoor sewer and illegal alien paradise, San Francisco.

Sounds pretty good in a general way, doesn’t it? Until you find out that she is broadcasting the diametric opposite message in Spanish on Latino language radio stations and on at least one billboard, which had been spotted and reported by a Tea Party patriot, saying “No on 187 and No on the Arizona immigration law“. In Spanish that would be called “hablar dando una de cal y otra de arena”. Speaking from both sides of your mouth.

Not that I think ‘Moonbeam’ is any bargain either. He made a hash of state government as Governor once before and then for an encore, as Mayor, turned Oakland into a veritable shooting gallery.
Abel Maldinado is out of the question as well… he’s not even a good crook… just a stupid ego-maniacal one. That leaves us with Meg, who thought that Van Jones (Oakland communist agitator) was the greatest thing since cream cheese. Not a great selection for Californians.

But, we cannot afford to stay home. If anything, we have to support Whitman as the best of several bad choices and then try and pressure her to do the right thing. Sounds like a familiar scenario for Californians, doesn’t it?
We booted Gray Davis to get Arnold, and we’re getting rid of him for…?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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